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Add support for proxy settings on a per-request basis

Sometimes it is very useful to only proxy some specific requests.

Also note that I could not find any tests for proxy support and understand
that it may significantly complicate the test suite. So I decided to not add
them without a discussion with the library maintainer.
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1 parent a448ad1 commit 495c53085afea1eebd344f808c14ab44de818e20 @michaelklishin michaelklishin committed Feb 2, 2012
Showing with 14 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +14 −7 src/clj_http/core.clj
21 src/clj_http/core.clj
@@ -111,9 +111,17 @@
(.addPart mp-entity keytext part)))
+(defn- default-proxy-host-for
+ [scheme]
+ (System/getProperty (str scheme ".proxyHost")))
+(defn- default-proxy-port-for
+ [scheme]
+ (Integer/parseInt (System/getProperty (str scheme ".proxyPort"))))
(defn add-client-params!
"Add various client params to the http-client object, if needed."
- [http-client scheme socket-timeout conn-timeout server-name]
+ [http-client scheme socket-timeout conn-timeout server-name proxy-host proxy-port]
(doto http-client
(set-client-param ClientPNames/COOKIE_POLICY
@@ -123,11 +131,10 @@
(set-client-param "http.connection.timeout"
(and conn-timeout (Integer. ^Long conn-timeout))))
(when (nil? (#{"localhost" ""} server-name))
- (when-let [proxy-host (System/getProperty (str scheme ".proxyHost"))]
- (let [proxy-port (Integer/parseInt
- (System/getProperty (str scheme ".proxyPort")))]
+ (when-let [effective-proxy-host (or proxy-host (default-proxy-host-for scheme))]
+ (let [effective-proxy-port (or proxy-port (default-proxy-port-for scheme))]
(set-client-param http-client ConnRoutePNames/DEFAULT_PROXY
- (HttpHost. proxy-host proxy-port))))))
+ (HttpHost. effective-proxy-host effective-proxy-port))))))
(defn request
"Executes the HTTP request corresponding to the given Ring request map and
@@ -137,12 +144,12 @@
the clj-http uses ByteArrays for the bodies."
[{:keys [request-method scheme server-name server-port uri query-string
headers content-type character-encoding body socket-timeout
- conn-timeout multipart debug insecure? save-request?] :as req}]
+ conn-timeout multipart debug insecure? save-request? proxy-host proxy-port] :as req}]
(let [conn-mgr (or *connection-manager* (make-regular-conn-manager insecure?))
http-client (DefaultHttpClient.
^org.apache.http.conn.ClientConnectionManager conn-mgr)]
(add-client-params! http-client scheme socket-timeout
- conn-timeout server-name)
+ conn-timeout server-name proxy-host proxy-port)
(let [http-url (str scheme "://" server-name
(when server-port (str ":" server-port))

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