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;; Mechanical port of Rich Hickey's
(ns clojure.reader
(:refer-clojure :exclude [read = name namespace with-meta map? push-thread-bindings
pop-thread-bindings count list create-ns dissoc number?
symbol? coll? keyword? string? character? > inc * + deref
;java stuff
(defmacro to-string [x] `(.toString ~x))
(defmacro regex [x] `(java.util.regex.Pattern/compile ~x))
(defmacro name [x] `(.getName ~x))
(defmacro namespace [x] `(.getNamespace ~x))
(defmacro with-meta [o m] `(.withMeta ~o ~m))
(defmacro val-at [a b] `(.valAt ~a ~b))
(defmacro array-list [] `(java.util.ArrayList.))
(defmacro add [a b] `(.add ~a ~b))
(defmacro string-builder [] `(StringBuilder.))
(defmacro append [a b] `(.append ~a ~b))
(defmacro dot-read [rdr] `(.read ~rdr))
(defmacro dot-unread [rdr ch] `(.unread ~rdr ~ch))
(defmacro deref [x] `(.deref ~x))
(defmacro get [m k d] `(clojure.lang.RT/get ~m ~k ~d))
(defmacro class-for-name [name] `(clojure.lang.RT/classForName ~name))
(defmacro = [a b] `(clojure.lang.Util/equiv ~a ~b))
(defmacro invoke-constructor [class args] `(clojure.lang.Reflector/invokeConstructor ~class ~args))
(defmacro invoke-static [class name args] `(clojure.lang.Reflector/invokeStaticMethod ~class ~name ~args))
(defmacro namespace-for [kw] `(clojure.lang.Compiler/namespaceFor ~kw))
(defmacro static-member-name? [x] `(clojure.lang.Compiler/namesStaticMember ~x))
(defmacro map? [o] `(~'instance? clojure.lang.IPersistentMap ~o))
(defmacro number? [o] `(~'instance? Number ~o))
(defmacro coll? [o] `(~'instance? clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection ~o))
(defmacro symbol? [o] `(~'instance? clojure.lang.Symbol ~o))
(defmacro keyword? [o] `(~'instance? clojure.lang.Keyword ~o))
(defmacro string? [o] `(~'instance? String ~o))
(defmacro character? [ch] `(~'instance? Character ~ch))
(defmacro special-form? [form] `(clojure.lang.Compiler/isSpecial ~form))
(defmacro suppressed-read? [] '(clojure.lang.RT/suppressRead))
(defmacro numbers-reduce [n] `(clojure.lang.Numbers/reduce ~n))
(defmacro numbers-divide [n d] `(clojure.lang.Numbers/divide ~n ~d))
(defmacro current-ns [] `(deref clojure.lang.RT/CURRENT_NS))
(defmacro resolve-symbol [sym] `(clojure.lang.Compiler/resolveSymbol ~sym))
(defmacro keyword-intern<2> [ns kw] `(clojure.lang.Keyword/intern ~ns ~kw))
(defmacro keyword-intern<1> [kw] `(clojure.lang.Keyword/intern ~kw))
(defmacro symbol-intern [s] `(clojure.lang.Symbol/intern ~s))
(defmacro symbol-intern<2> [n s] `(clojure.lang.Symbol/intern ~n ~s))
(defmacro push-thread-bindings [map] `(clojure.lang.Var/pushThreadBindings ~map))
(defmacro pop-thread-bindings [] `(clojure.lang.Var/popThreadBindings))
(defmacro empty-tree-map [] `clojure.lang.PersistentTreeMap/EMPTY)
(defmacro reader-exception [ln msg] `(clojure.lang.RT$ReaderException. ~ln ~msg))
(defmacro create-var [x] `(clojure.lang.Var/create ~x))
(defmacro intern-var [ns n] `(clojure.lang.Var/intern ~ns ~n))
(defmacro next-id [] `(clojure.lang.RT/nextID))
(defmacro count [x] `(clojure.lang.RT/count ~x))
(defmacro list [& foo] `(clojure.lang.RT/list ~@foo))
(defmacro create-ns [sym] `(clojure.lang.Namespace/findOrCreate ~sym))
(defmacro > [a b] `(clojure.lang.Numbers/gt ~a ~b))
(defmacro dissoc [m k] `(clojure.lang.RT/dissoc ~m ~k))
(defmacro inc [x] `(clojure.lang.Numbers/inc ~x))
(defmacro * [x y] `(. clojure.lang.Numbers (multiply ~x ~y)))
(defmacro + [x y] `(. clojure.lang.Numbers (add ~x ~y)))
;reader stuff
(defmacro arg-env [] `(var clojure.reader/arg-env))
(defmacro gensym-env [] `(var clojure.reader/gensym-env))
(defmacro bind-if-not-bound [varr value]
`(when (= false (.isBound ~varr)) (.bindRoot ~varr ~value)))
(defmacro setup-state []
(intern-var (create-ns 'clojure.reader) '~'arg-env)
(bind-if-not-bound #'clojure.reader/arg-env nil)
(intern-var (create-ns 'clojure.reader) '~'gensym-env)
(bind-if-not-bound #'clojure.reader/gensym-env nil)))
(defmacro get-class [x] `(.getClass ~x))
(defmacro println-to-error [string] `(.println System/err ~string))
(defmacro eof-guard [ch e]
`(when (= -1 (int ~ch))
(throw ~e)))
(defmacro p [thing]
`(when *trace-reader* (println-to-error (to-string ~thing))))
(defmacro p! [thing]
`(println-to-error (to-string ~thing)))
(defmacro pre-post-p [pre post & body]
(p ~pre)
(let [x# (do ~@body)]
(p ~post)
(defmacro safe-to-array [x]
`(pre-post-p "enter safe-to-array" "exit safe-to-array"
(let [x# ~x]
(if x#
(.toArray x#)
(.toArray [])))))
(defmacro type-info [x]
`(let [x# ~x
[a# b#] (if x# [(to-string x#) (to-string (get-class x#))] ["null" "null"])]
(p (~'format "%s : %s" a# b#))
(defmacro safe-to-string [x]
`(let [x# ~x]
(if x#
(to-string x#)
(defn read [rdr eof-is-error? eof-value recursive?]
(let [intPat (regex "([-+]?)(?:(0)|([1-9][0-9]*)|0[xX]([0-9A-Fa-f]+)|0([0-7]+)|([1-9][0-9]?)[rR]([0-9A-Za-z]+)|0[0-9]+)")
floatPat (regex "([-+]?[0-9]+(\\.[0-9]*)?([eE][-+]?[0-9]+)?)(M)?")
ratioPat (regex "([-+]?[0-9]+)/([0-9]+)")
symbolPat (regex "[:]?([\\D&&[^/]].*/)?([\\D&&[^/]][^/]*)")]
(letfn [;Boots;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(eq [a b] (= a b))
(not [x] (if x false true))
(nil? [x] (if (= x nil) true false))
(format [fmt & args] (String/format fmt (.toArray args)))
(instance? [c x] (.isInstance c x))
(wall-hack [what & args]
(p "enter wall-hack")
(letfn [(wall-hack-field [class-name field-name obj]
(-> class-name (.getDeclaredField (name field-name))
(doto (.setAccessible true)) (.get obj)))
(wall-hack-method [class-name method-name types obj & args]
(-> class-name (.getDeclaredMethod (name method-name)
(into-array Class types))
(doto (.setAccessible true))
(.invoke obj (into-array Object args))))]
(condp eq what
(apply wall-hack-method args)
(apply wall-hack-field args)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "boo"))))),
(register-arg [n]
(let [argsyms (deref (arg-env))]
(if (nil? argsyms)
(throw (IllegalStateException. "arg literal not in #()"))
(if-let [ret (val-at argsyms n)]
(let [ret (garg n)]
(.set (arg-env) (assoc argsyms n ret))
(arg-reader [rdr pct]
(if (nil? (deref (arg-env)))
(interpret-token (read-token rdr \%))
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(dot-unread rdr ch)
(if (or (= -1 (int ch))
(whitespace? ch)
(terminating-macro? ch))
(register-arg 1)
(let [n (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (= n '&)
(register-arg -1)
(if (not (instance? Number n))
(throw (IllegalStateException. "arg literal must be %, %&, or %integer"))
(register-arg (.intValue n)))))))))
(fn-reader [rdr lparen]
(letfn [(rest-args1 [higharg args argsyms]
(if (> higharg 0)
(loop [i 1 args args]
(if (or (> higharg i)
(= higharg i))
(let [sym (val-at argsyms i)
sym (if (nil? sym) (garg i) sym)]
(recur (inc i) (conj args sym)))
(rest-args2 [args argsyms]
(let [restsym (val-at argsyms -1)]
(if (not (nil? restsym))
(conj (conj args '&) restsym)
(rest-args [rargs args argsyms]
(let [higharg (.getKey (.first rargs))]
(rest-args2 (rest-args1 higharg args argsyms) argsyms)))]
(if (not (nil? (deref (arg-env))))
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Nested #()s are not allowed"))
(push-thread-bindings {(arg-env) (empty-tree-map)})
(.unread rdr (int \())
(let [form (read rdr true nil true)
argsyms (deref (arg-env))
rargs (.rseq argsyms)
args (if (not (nil? rargs)) (rest-args rargs [] argsyms) [])]
(list 'fn* args form))
(finally (pop-thread-bindings))))))
(read-delimited-list [delim rdr recur?]
(p (format "READ-DELIMITED-LIST %s %s %s" (to-string delim) (to-string rdr) (to-string recur?)))
(let [a (array-list)]
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (whitespace? ch)
(recur (dot-read rdr))
(do (eof-guard ch (Exception. "EOF while reading"))
(if (= delim (char ch))
(let [macro-fn (get-macro ch)]
(if (not (nil? macro-fn))
(let [mret (macro-fn rdr (char ch))]
(when (not (identical? rdr mret))
(add a mret))
(recur (dot-read rdr)))
(do (dot-unread rdr ch)
(let [o (read rdr true nil recur?)]
(when (not (identical? rdr o))
(add a o))
(recur (dot-read rdr))))))))))))
(eval-reader [rdr eq]
(p "eval-reader")
(when (not *read-eval*)
(throw (Exception. "eval-reader not allowed when *read-eval* is false.")))
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (symbol? o)
(class-for-name o)
(if (list? o)
(let [fs (first o)]
(if (= 'var fs)
(clojure.lang.RT/var (namespace (second o)) (name (second o)))
(if (.endsWith (name fs) ".")
(.substring (name fs)
(+ (.length (name fs)) -1)))
(safe-to-array (next o)))
(if (static-member-name? fs)
(namespace fs)
(name fs)
(safe-to-array (next o)))
(let [v (clojure.lang.Compiler/maybeResolveIn
(if (var? v)
(.applyTo v (next o))
(throw (Exception. (format "Can't resolve %s" (to-string fs))))))))))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Unsupported #= form"))))))
(regex-reader [rdr doublequote]
(let [sb (string-builder)]
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (not (= (char ch) \"))
(if (= (int ch) -1)
(throw (Exception. "EOF while reading regex"))
(do (append sb (char ch))
(when (= (char ch) \\)
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(when (= (int ch) -1)
(throw (Exception. "EOF while reading regex")))
(append sb (char ch))))
(recur (dot-read rdr))))
(regex (to-string sb))))))
(get-dispatch-macro [ch]
(condp eq (char ch)
\^ meta-reader
\' var-reader
\" regex-reader
\( fn-reader
\{ set-reader
\= eval-reader
\! coment-reader
\< unreadable-reader
\_ discard-reader
(meta-reader [rdr caret]
(p "enter meta-reader")
(let [line (if (instance? clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr)
(.getLineNumber rdr)
meta (read rdr true nil true)]
(p (format "meta-reader %s" (to-string meta)))
(letfn [(meta-tag [meta line] (meta-map {:tag meta} line))
(meta-map [meta line]
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (instance? clojure.lang.IMeta o)
(if (and (not (= -1 line)) (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq o))
(line-meta-data o meta line)
(add-meta o meta))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Metadata can only be applied to IMetas")))))
(line-meta-data [obj meta line]
(add-meta obj (assoc meta :line line)))
(add-meta [obj meta]
(if (instance? clojure.lang.IReference obj)
(do (reset-meta! obj meta) obj)
(with-meta obj meta)))]
(if (or (symbol? meta)
(keyword? meta)
(string? meta))
(meta-tag meta line)
(if (not (map? meta))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Metadata must be a Symbol, Keyword, or Map"))
(meta-map meta line))))))
(unquote? [form]
(and (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq form)
(= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote)))
(unquote-splicing? [form]
(and (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq form)
(= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote-splicing)))
(syntax-quote-reader [rdr backquote]
(letfn [(syntax-quote [form]
(p "syntax-quote")
(letfn [(gs-symbol-name [sym]
(p "gs-symbol-name")
(format "%s__%s__auto__"
(.substring (name sym)
(- (count (name sym)) 1))
(to-string (next-id))))),
(sreturn [sym] (p "sreturn") (list 'quote sym))
(symbol-stuff []
(p "symbol-stuff")
(if (and (nil? (namespace form))
(.endsWith (name form) "#"))
(let [gmap (deref (gensym-env))]
(if (nil? gmap)
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Gensym literal not in syntax-quote"))
(let [gs (get gmap form (gs-symbol-name form))]
(.set (gensym-env) (assoc gmap form gs))
(sreturn gs))))
(if (and (nil? (namespace form))
(.endsWith (name form) "."))
(let [csym (resolve-symbol (symbol (.substring (name form) 0 (- (.length (name form)) 1))))]
(p "mark 3")
(sreturn (symbol (.concat (name csym) "."))))
(if (and (nil? (namespace form))
(.startsWith (name form) "."))
(sreturn form)
(let [maybe-class (when (not (nil? (namespace form)))
(.getMapping (current-ns) (symbol (namespace form))))]
(if (instance? Class maybe-class)
(sreturn (symbol (.getName maybe-class) (name form)))
(sreturn (resolve-symbol form)))))))),
(flatten-map [m]
(p "flatten-map")
(letfn [(f [v [ke va]] (conj v ke va))]
(loop [init [] pairs (seq m)]
(if (seq pairs)
(recur (f init (first pairs)) (next pairs))
(seq-expand-list [xs]
(p "seq-expand-list")
(loop [items xs ret []]
(if (seq items)
(let [item (first items)]
(unquote? item)
(recur (rest items) (conj ret (list 'clojure.core/list (second item))))
(unquote-splicing? item)
(recur (rest items) (conj ret (second item)))
(recur (rest items) (conj ret (list 'clojure.core/list (syntax-quote item))))))
(seq ret)))),
(seq-or-list [form]
(let [s (seq form)]
(if (nil? s)
(cons 'clojure.core/list nil)
(list 'clojure.core/seq
(cons 'clojure.core/concat
(seq-expand-list s)))))),
(collection-stuff []
(p "collection-stuff")
(condp instance? form
(let [keyvals (flatten-map form)]
(list 'clojure.core/apply 'clojure.core/hash-map
(list 'clojure.core/seq
(cons 'clojure.core/concat
(seq-expand-list (seq keyvals))))))
(list 'clojure.core/apply
(list 'clojure.core/seq
(cons 'clojure.core/concat
(seq-expand-list (seq form)))))
(list 'clojure.core/apply
(list 'clojure.core/seq
(cons 'clojure.core/concat
(seq-expand-list (seq form)))))
(seq-or-list form)
(seq-or-list form)
(throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "Unknown Collection type")))),]
(let [ret (cond
(special-form? form)
(list 'quote form)
(symbol? form)
(unquote? form)
(second form)
(unquote-splicing? form)
(throw (IllegalStateException. "splice not in list"))
(coll? form)
(or (keyword? form)
(number? form)
(character? form)
(string? form))
(list 'quote form))]
(if (and (instance? clojure.lang.IObj form)
(not (nil? (meta form)))
(> (count (dissoc (meta form) :line)) 0))
(list 'clojure.core/with-meta
(syntax-quote (meta form)))
(push-thread-bindings {(gensym-env) {}})
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(syntax-quote o))
(unreadable-reader [rdr leftangle]
(throw (Exception. "Unreadable form"))),
(get-macro [ch]
(condp eq (char ch)
\" string-reader
\; coment-reader
\' (wrapping-reader 'quote)
\@ (wrapping-reader 'clojure.core/deref)
\^ (wrapping-reader 'clojure.core/meta)
\` syntax-quote-reader
\~ unquote-reader
\( list-reader
\) unmatched-delimited-reader
\[ vector-reader
\] unmatched-delimited-reader
\{ map-reader
\} unmatched-delimited-reader
\\ character-reader
\% arg-reader
\# dispatch-reader
(character-reader [rdr backslash]
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(eof-guard ch (Exception. "EOF while reading character"))
(let [token (read-token rdr ch)]
(if (= 1 (.length token))
(Character/valueOf (.charAt token 0))
(condp eq token
"newline" \newline
"space" \space
"tab" \tab
"backspace" \backspace
"formfeed" \formfeed
"return" \return
(.startsWith token "u")
(let [c (read-unicode-char<string> token 1 4 16)]
(if (and (or (= (int c) (+ 1 (int \uD799)))
(> (int c) (+ 1 (int \uD799))))
(or (= (int c) (- (int \uF000) 1))
(< (int c) (- (int \uF000) 1))))
(throw (Exception. (format "Invalid character constant \\u%s" (Integer/toString (int c) 16))))
(.startsWith token "o")
(let [len (- (.length token) 1)]
(if (> len 3)
(throw (Exception. (format "Invalid octal escape sequence length: %i" len)))
(let [uc (read-unicode-char<string> token 1 len 8)]
(if (> uc 0377)
(throw (Exception. "Octal escape sequence must be in range [0, 377]."))
(throw (Exception. (format "Unsupported character: \\%s" token))))))))),
(read-unicode-char<string> [token offset length base]
(if (not (= (.length token) (+ offset length)))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (format "Invalid unicode character: \\%s" token)))
(loop [i offset uc 0]
(if (> offset i)
(let [d (Character/digit (.charAt token i) base)]
(eof-guard d (IllegalArgumentException. (format "Invalid digit: %c" (char d))))
(recur (inc i) (+ d (* uc base))))
(read-unicode-char<pushback> [rdr ch base length exact]
(letfn [(break [uc i length exact]
(if (and exact (not (= i length)))
(format "Invalid character length: %i should be %i" i length)))
(let [uc (Character/digit ch base)]
(eof-guard uc (IllegalArgumentException. (format "Invalid digit: %c" (char ch))))
(loop [i 1 uc uc]
(if (< i length)
(break uc i length exact)
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (or (= -1 (int ch))
(whitespace? ch)
(macro? ch))
(do (dot-unread rdr ch)
(break uc i length exact))
(let [d (Character/digit ch base)]
(if (= -1 d)
(format "Invalid digit: %c" (char ch))))
(recur (inc i) (+ d (* uc base)))))))))))),
(match-symbol [s]
(let [m (.matcher symbolPat s)]
(when (.matches m)
(let [gc (.groupCount m)
ns (.group m 1)
name- (.group m 2)]
(if (and (not (nil? ns))
(or (.endsWith ns ":/")
(.endsWith name- ":")
(not (= -1 (.indexOf s "::" 1)))))
(if (.startsWith s "::")
(let [ks (symbol (.substring s 2))
kns (if (not (nil? (namespace ks)))
(namespace-for ks)
(keyword-intern<2> (name (name kns)) (name ks)))
(let [keyword? (= (.charAt s 0) \:)
sym (symbol-intern (.substring s (if keyword? 1 0)))]
(if keyword?
(keyword-intern<1> sym)
(match-number [s]
(let [m (.matcher intPat s)]
(if (.matches m)
(if (not (nil? (.group m 2)))
(let [negate (= "-" (.group m 1))
[radix n] (if-let [n (.group m 3)]
[10 n]
(if-let [n (.group m 4)]
[16 n]
(if-let [n (.group m 5)]
[8 n]
(if-let [n (.group m 7)]
[(Integer/parseInt (.group m 6)) n]
[10 nil]))))]
(when (not (nil? n))
(let [bn (BigInteger. n radix)]
(if negate (.negate bn) bn))))))
(let [m (.matcher floatPat s)]
(if (.matches m)
(if (not (nil? (.group m 4)))
(BigDecimal. (.group m 1))
(Double/parseDouble s))
(let [m (.matcher ratioPat s)]
(when (.matches m)
(BigInteger. (.group m 1))
(BigInteger. (.group m 2)))))))))),
(var-reader [rdr quo]
;(p "var-reader")
(list 'var (read rdr true nil true))),
(unmatched-delimited-reader [rdr rightdelim]
(format "Unmatched delimiter: %c" (char rightdelim))))),
(whitespace? [ch] (or (Character/isWhitespace ch) (= \, (char ch)))),
(dispatch-reader [rdr hash]
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(p (format "read ch %c previous ch %c" (char ch) (char hash)))
(if (= (int ch) -1)
(throw (Exception. "EOF while reading character"))
(let [fn (get-dispatch-macro ch)]
(if (nil? fn)
(throw (Exception. (format "No dispatch macro for: %c" (char ch))))
(fn rdr ch)))))),
(unquote-reader [rdr comma]
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (= (int ch) -1)
(throw (Exception. "EOF while reading character"))
(if (= (char ch) \@)
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(list 'clojure.core/unquote-splicing o))
(do (dot-unread rdr ch)
(list 'clojure.core/unquote (read rdr true nil true))))))),
(wrapping-reader [sym]
(fn [rdr quo]
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(list sym o))))
(discard-reader [rdr underscore]
(read rdr true nil true)
(coment-reader [rdr semicolon]
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (and (not (= -1 (int ch)))
(not (= (char ch) \newline))
(not (= (char ch) \return)))
(recur (dot-read rdr))
(string-reader [rdr doublequote]
(let [sb (string-builder)]
(letfn [(read-escaped-character-into [sb rdr]
(let [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (or (= \\ (char ch))
(= \" (char ch)))
(append sb (char ch))
(append sb
(condp eq (char ch)
\t \tab \r \return \n \newline
\b \backspace \f \formfeed
(if (= -1 (Character/digit (char ch) 16))
(throw (Exception. (format "Invalid unicode escape: \\u%c" (char ch))))
(read-unicode-char<pushback> rdr ch 16 4 true))
(if (Character/isDigit (char ch))
(let [ch (read-unicode-char<pushback> rdr ch 8 3 false)]
(if (> ch 0377)
(throw (Exception. "Octal escape sequence must be in range [0, 377]"))
(throw (Exception. (format "Unsupported escape character: %c%c" \\ (char ch))))))))))]
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(eof-guard ch (Exception. "EOF while reading string"))
(if (= \" (char ch))
(to-string sb)
(if (= \\ (char ch))
(do (read-escaped-character-into sb rdr)
(recur (dot-read rdr)))
(do (append sb (char ch))
(recur (dot-read rdr))))))))),
(garg [n]
(symbol (str (if (= -1 n) "rest" (str "p" n)) "__" (next-id)))),
(terminating-macro? [ch]
(and (not (= (char ch) \#))
(not (nil? (get-macro ch)))))
(interpret-token [token]
(p (format "INTERPRET-TOKEN %s" token))
(condp eq token
"nil" nil
"true" true
"false" false
"/" (symbol "/")
"clojure.core//" (symbol "clojure.core" "/")
(let [ret (match-symbol token)]
(if (not (nil? ret))
(throw (Exception. (format "Invalid token: %s" token))))))),
(read-token [rdr ch]
(let [sb (string-builder)]
(append sb (char ch))
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (or (= (int ch) -1)
(whitespace? ch)
(terminating-macro? ch))
(do (dot-unread rdr ch)
(to-string sb))
(do (append sb (char ch))
(recur (dot-read rdr))))))),
(read-number [rdr initch]
(let [sb (string-builder)]
(append sb (char initch))
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (or (= (int ch) -1)
(whitespace? ch)
(macro? ch))
(do (dot-unread rdr ch)
(let [s (to-string sb)
n (match-number s)]
(if (nil? n)
(throw (NumberFormatException. (format "Invalid number: %s" s)))
(do (append sb (char ch))
(recur (dot-read rdr)))))))
(map-reader [rdr leftparen]
(let [x (clojure.lang.RT/map (.toArray (read-delimited-list \} rdr true)))]
(set-reader [rdr leftparen]
(clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet/create (read-delimited-list \} rdr true))),
(vector-reader [rdr leftparen]
(clojure.lang.LazilyPersistentVector/create (read-delimited-list \] rdr true)))
(list-reader [rdr leftparen]
(let [line (if (instance? clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr)
(.getLineNumber rdr)
list (read-delimited-list \) rdr true)]
(if (.isEmpty list)
(let [s (clojure.lang.PersistentList/create list)]
(if (not (= -1 line))
(.withMeta s {:line line})
(macro? [ch] (not (nil? (get-macro ch))))
(read [rdr eof-error? eof-value recursive?]
(p "READ")
(loop [ch (dot-read rdr)]
(if (whitespace? ch)
(recur (dot-read rdr))
(if (= -1 (int ch))
(if eof-error?
(throw (Exception. "EOF while reading"))
(if (Character/isDigit ch)
(let [n (read-number rdr (char ch))]
(if (suppressed-read?)
(let [macro-fn (get-macro (int ch))]
(if (not (nil? macro-fn))
(let [ret (macro-fn rdr (char ch))]
(if (suppressed-read?)
(if (identical? ret rdr)
(recur (dot-read rdr))
(if (or (= (char ch) \+)
(= (char ch) \-))
(let [ch2 (dot-read rdr)]
(if (Character/isDigit ch2)
(do (dot-unread rdr ch2)
(let [n (read-number rdr ch)]
(if (suppressed-read?)
(do (dot-unread rdr ch2)
(read-token-sub rdr ch))))
(read-token-sub rdr ch))))))))
(catch Exception e
(if (or recursive?
(not (instance? clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr)))
(throw e)
(throw (reader-exception (.getLineNumber rdr) e))))))
(read-token-sub [rdr ch]
(let [token (read-token rdr (char ch))]
(if (suppressed-read?)
(interpret-token token))))]
(read rdr eof-is-error? eof-value recursive?))))
(when *compile-files*
(with-open [file (-> "reader/"]
(binding [*out* file]
(.println *out* (str "" (.getName (class read)))))))
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