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DEPENDS ON: fnparse, clojure-json, apache-derby, pircbot, (more?)
Clojurebot, as seen in #clojure
Version 1 is now forgotten! Hooray.
Setting up the sandbox can be tricky; Read the example policy file for some info.
included modules: code-lookup, forget, sb, svn, core, google, seenx, tinyurl, dice,
javadoc, shutup, translate, xmpp, (more?)
;; moved to git, similar command is "clojurebot: git some-sha1"
svn looks ups of revisions from the main repo:
13:38 hiredman : r1006
13:38 -clojurebot:#clojurebot- r1006 improved UnsupportedOperationException message, patch from Chouser
google stuff:
13:41 hiredman : clojurebot: google clojurebot
13:41 clojurebot : First, out of 24 results is:
13:41 clojurebot : Clojurebot's Brain
13:41 clojurebot :
13:42 hiredman : clojurebot: def defn
13:42 -clojurebot:#clojurebot- defn:
;;now goes to clojure's github repo
the url goes to the definition of that thing in google code (revision clojurebot is running)
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