an exception that carries a map as a payload
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Data-Conveying Exception

An exception for conveying data. Based on clojure.contrib.condition.

Differs from c.c.condition in a few ways:

  • the exception is a descendant of RuntimeException rather than direct Throwable.
  • the exception may be treated as a Clojure map itself.

Also introduces new awesomeness in the form of try+ and throw+. throw+ takes an Exception, a map, or varargs, and constructs a data-conveying Exception in the latter two cases. try+ can destructure data-conveying exceptions in catches.


(defn asplode [problem type]
  (dce.Exception/throw+ :message (str "Oh no! " problem) :failure true))
  (when-not (success?)
    (asplode "failed!"))
  (catch :failure e
    (log/warn e "stuff failed, dude: " (:message e)))
  (catch :catastrophic-failure {:keys [exit-code]}
    (System/exit exit-code))
  (catch e
    (log/info "whatever; who cares.")))


Copyright (C) 2011 Kevin Downey, Stephen Gilardi, and Phil Hagelberg

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.