nrepl middleware providing clojurescript compilation
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What is it?

nrepl middleware for compiling clojurescript

nrepl request with `op` of “compiler-cljs” causes `code` to be compiled to javascript, the javascript is returned as the value of `javascript`, wraps code in a function, so evaling the value of `javascript` in js will always result in a function object, invoke it to run your code

use with to get clojurescript compiler with http interface

now if only there was an nrepl client for drawbridge written in clojurescript…


add the following to project.clj

[nrepl-cljs-middleware "0.0.1"]
;; with drawbridge

(def nrepl-handler (cdb/ring-handler
                    (-> (


  • needs better exception handling
  • js eval?
  • ast?
  • nrepl.el integration?


Copyright (C) 2012 Kevin Downey

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.