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LiskListen - Lisk Transaction Visualizer

This software is a reworked version of

Realtime Lisk transaction visualizer written in Nodejs/HTML/Javascript. See and hear new transactions and blocks as they propagate through the Lisk Network.


The project is built and ready-to-go. If you change any of the javascript, you will need to re-build the lisklisten.min.js file using Grunt. If you haven't used Grunt before, here is a short tutorial:

  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Install grunt-cli using sudo npm install -g grunt-cli.

  3. Cd into the project directory and run npm install to install the proper Grunt version and dependencies for this project.

  4. Run grunt to build LiskListen. Alternatively, run grunt watch and watch for and rebuild changes in the source files.

  5. Use another terminal to run npm start to start the software. It will be available at http://localhost:5425

The compiled/minified script will be output to lisklisten.min.js.

Run with PM2

Prerequisites: you've already built lisklisten.min.js by using grunt command.


pm2 start app.json --watch

Checking logs

pm2 logs lisk-listen


pm2 stop lisk-listen

Generating a startup script

Let pm2 detect available init system, generate configuration and enable startup system:

pm2 startup

Now follow the instruction. For example on ubuntu 14.04 LTE (with systemd as default init system) :

[PM2] Init System found: systemd
[PM2] To setup the Startup Script, copy/paste the following command:
sudo env PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin /usr/local/lib/node_modules/pm2/bin/pm2 startup systemd -u [user] --hp /home/[user]

Copy-paste the last command. Now, if you didn't before, run the application with pm2 start app.json --watch and then:

pm2 save

This last command will save the process list and execute them on reboot.

If you want to remove the init script, execute:

pm2 unstartup [initsystem]

For more information: Official PM2 Startup Script page

APIs and Libraries

LiskListen uses these libraries:

LiskListen uses these APIs:


If you distribute this project in part or in full, please attribute with a link to the GitHub page. This software is available under the MIT License, details in the included file.


Realtime Lisk Transaction Visualizer




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