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@hirishh hirishh released this May 5, 2020


This version implement the new way of handling passphrase in newest Trezor (one and T) firmwares.

Remember you need Trezor Bridge in order to connect Trezor trezor device to liskish wallet!

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May 4, 2020
Bump to version 2.2.0-beta

@hirishh hirishh released this Dec 19, 2019


Update of all ledger dependencies and resolving ledger connection issues

FOR LINUX USERS: Remember to update your udev rules! More info here:

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@hirishh hirishh released this Sep 7, 2019


Address Discovery was broken because of some changes made by LiskHQ at api level. This release fix this issue.

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@hirishh hirishh released this Jan 16, 2019


Ledger introduced new derivation schemes for Bip32-ed25519. This update is mandatory and is not backward compatible with previous version of Liskish Wallet.

With Ledger firmware 1.5.5 you must use this last version of Liskish Wallet. Funds are always safe.

More info about Ledger Firmware 1.5.5:

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@hirishh hirishh released this Nov 6, 2018



  • Fix #3 Small account balances and transaction amounts are shown as NaN
  • Implemented #7 Show Full Address and Verify on Login
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@hirishh hirishh released this Nov 3, 2018

Hello Liskers,

I'm happy to release this candidate with full support to both Trezor devices: Trezor One and Trezor Model T.

Prerequisite (important!):

  • You've initialized your Trezor device
  • The latest firmware is installed:
    • Model T with 2.0.7
    • Trezor One with 1.7.1 (currently available only on Trezor Beta Wallet)
  • You have correctly installed Trezor Bridge

For more information read this blog article

A big thanks to delegate alepop for his amazing contribution into TREZOR repositories!

For MAC users: please update Liskish Wallet manually! Automatic update is currently not working and I'm on it.

If you find a bug, please feel free to open an issue here:


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Nov 3, 2018
Bump to version 2.0.1-trezor-rc.1

@hirishh hirishh released this Sep 23, 2018

Hello Liskers

With this version of Liskish Wallet I've released:

  • Mac Fix. Now Ledger is working correctly on macOS
  • Refactoring of the communication layer with the Ledger

Here the sha256 of the executables:

  • liskish-wallet-linux-x86_64-2.0.0-alpha-ledger-rc.3.AppImage: 09b19db7a7c41c22ff5536a8bb79d22921bde156f7c8637159aa78ed9161286e
  • liskish-wallet-mac-2.0.0-alpha-ledger-rc.3.dmg: c05f7b4f1aed77d26d073a249753043c9e07821a4416cf6cd3540ad2c5a3fedc
  • 7fffeb7d007307f13800cb19f47def57dffcaad186e6aabfd83a965df1819ec2
  • liskish-wallet-win-2.0.0-alpha-ledger-rc.3.exe: 62f68905e060d847ee9b8838f27217d9a616e354dd7b814f971c465701106115

If you find a bug, please feel free to open an issue here:

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@hirishh hirishh released this Sep 6, 2018

v2.0.0-alpha-ledger-rc.2 - First Ledger Implementation


  • you have already initialized your Ledger Nano S
  • you have already configured Ledger Live
  • you have installed Lisk app from Ledger Live (you need to activate Developer Mode from Settings)

Complete HowTo:
Do you experience connection issues with your ledger?

NB: MAC version is not working. I'm fixing it. Stay tuned!

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