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This is emacs like plugin for Visual Studio Code.


Use Shift+DEL to cut to clipboard, the Ctrl+C is not overridden. Use Shift+Insert to paste from clipboard.

Move command

Command Status Desc
C-f OK Move forward
C-b OK Move backward
C-n OK Move to the next line
C-p OK Move to the previous line
C-a OK Move to the beginning of line
C-e OK Move to the end of line
M-f OK Move forward by one word unit
M-b OK Move backward by one word unit
M-> OK Move to the end of buffer
M-< OK Move to the beginning of buffer
C-v OK Scroll down by one screen unit
M-v OK Scroll up by one screen unit
C-x C-n - Set goal column
C-u C-x C-n - Deactivate C-x C-n
M-g g OK Jump to line (command palette)

Search Command

Command Status Desc
C-s OK Search forward
C-r OK Search backward
C-M-n OK Add selection to next find match
C-l - Use ext install keyboard-scroll to activate

Edit command

Command Status Desc
C-d OK Delete right (DEL)
C-h OK Delete left (BACKSPACE)
M-d OK Delete word
C-k OK Kill to line end
C-w OK Kill region
M-w OK Copy region to kill ring
C-y OK Yank
C-j OK Line Feed
C-m - Carriage Return
C-i - Horizontal Tab
C-x C-o OK Delete blank lines around
C-x h OK Select All
C-x u (C-/) OK Undo
C-; Toggle line comment in and out
M-; Toggle region comment in and out

Other Command

Command Status Desc
C-g OK Cancel
C-space OK Set mark
C-\ - IME control
C-quote OK IntelliSense Suggestion
C-doublequote IntelliSense Parameter Hint
M-x OK Open command palette
M-/(dabbrev) - Auto-completion
M-num command - Repeat command num times
C-M-SPC OK Toggle SideBar visibility

File Command

Command Status Desc
C-o OK Open a file
C-x b OK QuickOpen a file
C-x C-f OK Open a working directory
C-x C-s OK Save
C-x C-w OK Save as
C-x i - Insert buffer from file
C-x C-d - Open Folder
C-x C-n - Open new window
C-x C-b - Create new file and open

Conflicts with default key bindings

  • ctrl+d: editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMatch => Use ctrl+alt+n instead;
  • ctrl+g: workbench.action.gotoLine => Use alt+g g instead;
  • ctrl+b: workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility => Use ctrl+alt+space instead;
  • ctrl+space: toggleSuggestionDetails, editor.action.triggerSuggest => Use ctrl+' instead;
  • ctrl+x: editor.action.clipboardCutAction => Use shift+delete instead;
  • ctrl+v: editor.action.clipboardPasteAction => Use shift+insert instead;
  • ctrl+k: editor.debug.action.showDebugHover, editor.action.trimTrailingWhitespace, editor.action.showHover, editor.action.removeCommentLine, editor.action.addCommentLine, editor.action.openDeclarationToTheSide;
  • ctrl+y: redo;
  • ctrl+m: editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode;
  • ctrl+/: editor.action.commentLine => Use ctrl+; instead;
  • ctrl+p & ctrl+e: workbench.action.quickOpen => Use ctrl+x b instead;
  • ctrl+p: workbench.action.quickOpenNavigateNext => Use ctrl+n instead.
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