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openFrameworks empty example for visual studio code
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openFrameworks empty example for Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE(vscode). This is not addon. (folder structure is same with addoon)

How to compile example project

  1. download and install vscode.
  2. download or clone this repositry to your /oF/apps folder
  3. open project file with vscode(vscode_oF.code-workspace).
  4. Command + B and select "buid debug" for compiling oF and exampleProject. (excute make command)

How to start your own project

  1. Copy and paste /exampleEmpty folder and start your own project.
  2. Edit addons.make file if you want to add addons
  3. You might need to edit setting files inside of ./vscode

It provides quick auto complete feature. Since vscode does not provide built-in debugger, debugging feature is depends on platform.

Curretly tested on OSX and Ubuntu(by @anselanza). Now we can browse source code under /libs/openFrameworks and /addons/* folders.

Folder Structure


oF version


Known issue

  • "make clean" does not work (bug of openFrameworks Make system)
  • MacOSX.sdk path is hard coded
  • "#include error detected" for header files which is not actualy included for example GL/gl.h is for Linux wihch is not included on osx. This shold be fixed with limitSymbolsToIncludedHeaders property in c_cpp_properties.json But still vs code claims it is missing.
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