A simple JavaScript implementation to create a drawer element, by using CSS3.
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This is a simple JavaScript implementation to create a drawer element, by using CSS3.



Sample Code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="drawer-css.js"></script>
#container { width:240px; height:120px; background-color:lightblue; overflow: auto; }
#contents {  background-color:lightgreen; }
#menu { overflow: auto; }
</head><body onclick="drawer.toggle();">
  <div id="container">
    <div id="menu">
    <div id="contents">
    drawer = new DrawerCSS('contents', 'menu');

API reference


constructor description
DrawerCSS( base_id:String, drawer_id:String, options?:Hash ) Create an instance

If the element of drawer_id does not exist, it is going to be created. And it is possible to get its element by getElementDrawer instance method.


property type description
side constant Side of the drawer. TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM or LEFT. Defalut is LEFT
span string Span of the drawer pane. Default is 80%
maxSpan string Limit of span, it is available when span is specified with "px" or "%". Default is null which means unlimited
effect constant Effect of the base pane when open. slide or compress. Default is slide
duration float Transition duration. Default is 0.3
delay float Transition delay. Default is 0.0
timingFunction constant Transition timing function. Default is ease-in-out

The value of maxSpan is available in these cases:

  • maxSpan specified with "%" when span is "px"
  • maxSpan specified with "px" when span is "%"

Other cases are not supported.


Class Methods

method return value description
getDimensions( el:Element ) Hash Return dimensions of the el like as {width: px, height: px}

Instance Methods

method return value description
destroy( ) None Reset CSS properties were changed by this instance
getElementBase( ) Element Get the base element
getElementDrawer( ) Element Get the drawer element
isOpened( ) boolean Return true if the drawer is opened, or false
open( ) this Open the drawer
close( ) this Close the drawer
toggle( ) boolean Open or close the drawer. It returns true if open, or false
addHandler( name:String, handler:Function ) this Add handler to the name event. See also "Events" section below.


name description
open It is going to be fired when the drawer opens
close It is going to be fired when the drawer closes

Copyright and license

  Copyright 2015 WATANABE Hiroaki
  Released under the MIT license