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If you’d like to contact me (hiroshi) on development topics, please post a message on the google group instead of sending a mail or a github message.


  • Commit just what you want (to ease tracking differences)
    • Keep task level commits
    • Please check unintentional whitespace changes before commit
    • Keep clean and small differences as possible
  • Coding style
    • The indent size is 4 spaces. Not a tab.
    • I think Apples’s example codes and/or webkit’s coding-style are prefered to see as a model.

Developers and tasks

Hiroshi saito

Those items below will probably be released next release (0.6)

I’d like to do those tasks:

  • Check and merge mroest’s changes
  • writing tests (xUnit, spec or cucumber?) for sanity check of changes [0%]
  • refactoring (isolating domains for better concurrence works) [0%]

Mike Roest