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Processing.js shape -> png image
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pjs2png is a command line tool. It generates png images form Processing.js shapes.

If you don't know about Processing.js try:



PhantomJS is a headless browser on top of QtWebKit. It provides the canvas for Processing.js.

Ruby & Sinatra

Sinatra is a web server framework for minimalist. It delegates local file accesses, since PhantomJS doesn't seem to be able to handle local files on the client side so far.

If you don't have any ruby, get it.

Then install sinatra.

gem install sinatra

Usage example

git clone git://
cd pjs2png
./pjs2png /path/to/phantomjs examples/gear.pjs gear.png


  1. Start a http server instance.
  2. Wait until the server is ready.
  3. Execute PhantomJS 3.1. Open a html document with a canvas. 3.2. GET pjs file from the server, and feed it to Processing.js. 3.3. POST dataURL of png to the server
  4. The server write the png into a file.


  • Get rid of weird client/server structure
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