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Hiro Systems PBC

Welcome to Hiro!

We simplify building on Bitcoin and empower developers to unleash the potential of Web3. Contribute to our open-source projects, stay updated on Twitter @hirosystems, and connect with the Stacks developer community on Discord Builder General channel. Visit to learn more about our organization, explore our tools, and access our documentation. Let's unlock Web3 on Bitcoin together!


  1. stacks-blockchain-api stacks-blockchain-api Public

    API for the Stacks blockchain

    TypeScript 154 107

  2. clarinet clarinet Public

    Write, test and deploy high-quality smart contracts to the Stacks blockchain and Bitcoin.

    Rust 290 128

  3. stacks.js stacks.js Public

    JavaScript libraries for identity, auth, storage and transactions on the Stacks blockchain.

    TypeScript 936 309

  4. ordinals-api ordinals-api Public

    Bitcoin Ordinals API

    TypeScript 185 54

  5. explorer explorer Public

    Explore transactions and accounts on the Stacks blockchain. Clone any contract and experiment in your browser with the Explorer sandbox.

    TypeScript 134 103

  6. chainhook chainhook Public

    Extract transactions from Stacks and Bitcoin and build event driven re-org resistant indexers and databases.

    Rust 135 52


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