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Stacks 2.0 Explorer

An image of the Stacks Explorer CI/CD

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Getting started

The Stacks Explorer is built with React, next.js and @stacks/ui.

To run the explorer locally, first clone this repo.

Next let's make sure you have the tools to install the projects dependencies:

  1. Install NodeJS that includes npm
  2. Install Pnpm

We highly recommend using Homebrew.

Now open your Terminal, and make sure you are in the /explorer folder to run pnpm i to install the dependencies:

pnpm i

Env variables

The application needs a couple of env variables to work properly:


If you are in a mac, you'll need to add this to /etc/paths

Run in development mode

To build and run the application locally, you can run this pnpm task which will launch the application at http://localhost:3000.

pnpm dev

Building for production

To build for production, run pnpm build which will run the default next.js build task.