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CoAP client, server library for Arduino.

CoAP simple server, client library for Arduino IDE, ESP32.

Source Code

This lightweight library source code are only 2 files. coap.cpp, coap.h.


Some sample sketches for Arduino included(/examples/).

  • coaptest.ino : simple request/response sample.
  • coapserver.ino : server endpoint url callback sample.

How to use

Download this source code branch zip file and extract to the Arduino libraries directory or checkout repository. Here is checkout on MacOS X.

cd $HOME/Documents/Arduino/libraries/
git clone
# restart Arduino IDE, you can find CoAP-simple-library examples.

In this exmples need CoAP server libcoap or microcoap server for check the example program. There is setting the libcoap on Ubuntu Linux. But if there don't use CoAP server(request/reseponse), following setting don't be needed.

git clone 
cd libcoap/
gcc -o coap-server ./examples/coap-server.c -I./include -I. -L.libs -lcoap-1 -DWITH_POSIX
gcc -o coap-client ./examples/client.c ./examples/coap_list.c -I./include -I. -L.libs -lcoap-1 -DWITH_POSIX
# next start Arduino and check the request/response.

Particle Photon, Core compatible

This library is Particle Photon, Core compatible. That's version is here.

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