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name: ScratchFs
synopsis: Size limited temp filesystem based on fuse
description: ScratchFS is a FUSE-based filesystem which provides a size-limited directory tree.
When the filesystem is mounted, the user provides a maximum size the target directory and all it's
subdirectories may get. All IO operations in the mountdirectory are tracked and the oldest files in the watchdirectory get deleted automatically.
license: GPL-3
license-file: LICENSE
author: Falco Hirschenberger <>
maintainer: Falco Hirschenberger <>
copyright: Falco Hirschenberger <>
category: System
build-type: Simple
cabal-version: >=1.8
stability: experimental
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
executable ScratchFs
hs-source-dirs: src
main-is: ScratchFs.hs
other-modules: Utils,
ghc-options: -Wall -threaded
build-depends: base <5,
HFuse >=0.2.4,
hsyslog >= 1.4,
unix >= 2.5,
directory >= 1.1,
bytestring >= 0.9,
regex-compat >= 0.95,
filepath >= 1.3,
sqlite-simple >= 0.2,
process >= 1.1