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The server to emulate old warm AM radio sound on Raspberry Pi
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The server to emulate old warm AM radio sound on Raspberry Pi


Install dependencies

sudo apt install icecast2 ffmpeg vorbis-tools ezstream pv

When Icecast asks to configure it say no, because we will use the config we have in the project.

Clone the project

git clone

Build the sound processing tool

cd old-radio-sound/generate-am-radio/bin/

Start Icecast

cd ../../icecast/

It will start on localhost:8092 so make sure this port is free or change it in the config file. If you want your server to be available via internet - don't forget to change passwords in icecast/icecast-config.xml and generate-am-radio/bin/play-to-stream-vorbis.xml from "hackme" to something stronger.

Go to generate-am-radio folder

cd ../generate-am-radio/

and edit the script stream-template-1206am


DIR=`cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd`

$DIR/bin/stream-radio \

Put here your favorite audio streams and change the other parameters if you want:

  • 1206 means the radio frequency, it will name the icecast stream like .../1206am, and also will initialize the random generator to make "air conditions" repeatable,

  • 1 is the level of main audio stream in microvolts, the value may be in the range 1...10 or other if you like.

If all is ok after starting this script you can hear the old warm radio on localhost:8092/1206am

You can copy this script with different audio streams and different frequencies and run them simultaneously, for me it worked well with about 5 streams on Raspberry Pi 2.

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