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Solo Project Day Seven: To The Database and Back Again
twitter, projects, crow, webdev
2016-12-12 21:10:56 -0600

This is technically the eighth day since I began my solo project, but I didn't do any work on the project on Sunday (although I did do {% post_link moved-to-digital-ocean-lets-encrypt "some other web work" %}.

Today was a very productive day for me. I got more done than I expected to, and I made it to MVP (Minimum Viable Product)! I didn't think I'd get to MVP this fast, but I'm glad I did. At Prime, we all get industry mentors to work with, and tomorrow we meet with them to show them our solo projects. I was really hoping I'd have a usable product to show them.

Tasks Accomplished

  • Sorted out asynchronous tasks on the login page so that writing data returned from Firebase to the database happened after the data was actually received.
  • Figured out how to use $location to redirect to a new page after login: $location.path('/drafts')
  • This one was a doozie. I figured out how to create a new blank Mongoose sub-document upon the press of the "new tweet" button. Here's the code (authFactory is where I'm storing the currently logged in user's data):
// client side
$'/db/draft/newBlank', self.authFactory)
    // move info from newly created blank draft into draft factory
    self.draftFactory._id =;
    self.draftFactory.text =;
    self.draftFactory.dateCreated =;

// server side'/draft/newBlank', function(req, res){
  User.findOne({ uid: req.body.uid }, function(error, user){
    user.drafts.push(new Draft);
    } else {;
  • I then figured out how to move the edited text of a draft into the database. This was also difficult, as I had to query the database for the specific draft that was being edited, and then update that one. Here's the code:
// client side
self.saveDraft = function(){
  $'/db/draft/saveDraft/' + self.draftFactory.text, self.draftFactory);

// server side'/draft/saveDraft/:tweetText', function(req, res){
  var query = { 'drafts._id': req.body._id };
  var update = { 'drafts.$.text': req.params.tweetText };
  var options = { upsert: true, new: true, setDefaultsOnInsert: true };

  User.findOneAndUpdate(query, update, options, function(error, result){
    } else {
  • Lastly, I queried the database to display the current user's drafts on the Drafts page in a list.

Tomorrow's task will be mainly styling. I want the app to look nice for my mentors.

Today's Research