Open Thermocycler Implementation
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NinjaPCR is Opensource(GPLv3) DNA Amplifier,Thermocycler Implementation for Polymerase Chain Reaction developed by Toriningen Inc. (Shingo Hisakawa and Mariko Hisakawa) in Tokyo,Japan.

Refer our wiki to learn how to make NijaPCR!

image image image

Forked from OpenPCR.

Major changes from OpenPCR:

  1. Get smaller by using AC adapter
  2. Platform changed from AdobeAIR to ChromeApp
  3. Support Multi OS (Windows,Mac,Linux,ChromeOS)
  4. LCD removed,Software enchanced (ex.Temperature graph)
  5. Software auto update for new features (ex.Mail alert scheduled)
  6. Reusable Arduino UNO (firmware not overwritten for AdobeAIR)
  7. Reusable Motor Driver Carrier (Not soldered to PCB)
  8. High precision at both low/high temperature (Scheduled)
  9. Added RGB LED (Scheduled)
  10. You can order primer from app (Scheduled)

Minor differences from OpenPCR:
11. Cleared its Design Rule Check of PCB
12. Simpler metal parts (drilling to bending)
13. Unit is changed from inch to mm