Docker image to let Google Home speak anything via Raspberry Pi
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Based on google-home-notifier. Great work! The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2017 noelportugal

  • Run Docker on Raspberry Pi
  • Run This Image
  • Customize script
  • Restart
  • Enjoy

Run Docker on Raspberry Pi

Skip if you already done. Easiest way is to install Hypriot Docker Image for Raspberry Pi with flash.

I hit minor error with Raspberry Pi Zero W but this post solved.

Simply after sticking micro SD card to your computer, run these commands. You will download OS image, add user, setup wifi and burn image into card.

curl -o user-data.yml
curl -o boot-config.txt
vi user-data.yml (To change <like-this> sections like SSID)
flash --bootconf ./boot-config.txt --userdata ./user-data.yml --hostname <hostname>

Run This Image

docker run -it --net host -d --name rpi-google-home-notifier hisashin/rpi-google-home-notifier

Customize script

docker exec -it rpi-google-home-notifier /bin/bash
vi /google-home-notifier/app.js

var ip = ''; // default IP
var language = 'ja'; // default language code (first one in post)
var language = 'ja'; // default language code (second one in get)

Edit around this section as you want with the your IP address of your Google-Home.


/etc/init.d/dbus stop
pgrep -f | xargs kill

This stops docker process and you will be forced to exit. Restart it with latest settings you've done.

docker start rpi-google-home-notifier

To autostart, add same line to /etc/rc.local

docker start rpi-google-home-notifier


Let your Google Home speak like this. Default port is 8091 but you can change it by editing /google-home-notifier/app.js.

curl -X GET http://(IP of RaspberryPi):8091/google-home-notifier?text=Hello+Google+Home

If text starts from 'http' like url of mp3, it will be played.