Project documentation with Markdown using ASP.NET Core
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Project documentation with Markdown using ASP.NET Core.

What is mDocs?

mDocs is a simple and easy tool that let you build your project documentation with markdown using Markdown View Engine.

How can I use it?

  1. Run dotnet-pack command on the Markdown View Engine project.
  2. Use "Manage NuGet Packages" to restore the generated .nupkg file.
  3. Run dotnet-restore.
  4. Skip the steps 4 and 5 if you wanna use the default template.
  5. Add all of your markdown pages inside the "/Views/Docs/" folder.
  6. Add page title by adding @page title="Page Title" on the top of each .md page.
  7. Run dotnet-run.
  8. Open the browser with localhost:5000/.

After that you will be able to browse your documentation with the default theme Read the docs.


While the project is thightly couple on Markdown View Engine, so there 're some missing features such as:

  • Project documentation name should be configurable.
  • Generating the pages navigation menu in
  • Edit pages in GitHub.

I'm working hard on the Markdown View Engine to support as much as I can, so hopefully one day those limitation will gone.

Hint: The project came up with a sample documentation for .NET Core Comand-Line Interface (CLI), which is shown in the figure below.