One solution. Multiple extensions. No pain. A collection of DNN modules and other extensions.
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This is a solution that houses most of the DNN extensions that I manage for the community. It also is used to display how a DNN solution should be architected as a best practice, which includes several very useful MSBuild scripts. I've presented this as a topic at DNNCon Palm Beach 2014.

You can read more about this project and view/download the slide deck from my blog.

First... Thank You

I just want to thank everyone that helps with the project, even if it's just to use the apps being built or submit issues. However, I'd really like to also thank JetBrains. The things I build wouldn't be built half as fast if it wasn't for your generous support. Specifically, the following Visual Studio integrations really have saved me TONS of time and headaches over the years, and gotten me up to speed faster on other people's code more than anything else I've ever tried (even talking to them about it).

ReSharper by JetBrains dotPeek by JetBrains

How You Can Help

Project Distribution Locations

New releases are going to be posted here, in the Releases section. If you don't see a current release, then you'll find it at the old project location below.

More Information

For more information about the project, please go to the project wiki.