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#! /bin/bash
# by Steve Marti, by way of Ian Milligan
# slightly modified script for using on windows in git bash with coreutils
# this requires JQ - you can get it at
# make sure you install/unzip that to the same folder as this script.
# this also requires wget - instructions at
# and finally, get coreutils for windows:
# make sure you put the path to coreutils in your windows' system environment PATH variable
# you should probably also download and install sed and gawk, instructions in the link above.
# only code difference in this script compared to the original posted by Milligan (based on Marti, see is that http had to be added in line 30, with awk.
# run this script from git bash.
pages=$(curl '*&field=&so=score&df=1914&dt=1918&fmt=json' | jq '.pages')
# this goes into the results and reads the value of 'pages' in each one of them.
# it then tells us how many pages we're going to have.
echo "Pages:"$pages
# this says 'for each one of these pages, download the 'key' value on each page'
for i in $(seq.exe 1 $pages)
curl ''${i}'?q=montenegr*&field=&so=score&df=1914&dt=1918&fmt=json' | jq '.docs[] | {key}' >> results.txt
# the next two lines take the results.txt file that is quite messy and clean it up. I'll try to explain what they all mean.
# Basically, tr deletes a given character - so we delete quotation marks "\""
#(the slash tells the computer not to treat the quotation mark as a computer code, but as a quotation mark itself),
#to erase spaces, and to find the phrase "key:" and delete it too.
sed -e 's/\"key\": \"//g' results.txt | tr -d "\"" | tr -d "{" | tr -d "}" | tr -s " " | sed '/^\s*$/d' | tr -d ' ' > cleanlist.txt
# this adds a prefix and a suffix.
awk '$0=""$0' cleanlist.txt| awk '{print $0 "/1?r=0&s=1&fmt=json&api_text=1"}' > urlstograb.txt
# then if we want we can take those URLs and output them all to a big text file for analysis.
wget -i urlstograb.txt -O output.txt
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