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updated for winter2016 edition

Show How You've Grown

Each module contained a series of exercises to complete. Some were mandatory for a given module. Other modules allowed for more choice. Sometimes I wanted you to do as many as you could, to push yourself. Other times I wanted you to pick exercises that seemed most relevant to your research interests.

There are five modules in this course. For this assessment, select one exercise from each module and then one extra and gather together the evidence of that exercise. Given what you've learned about data mining and visualization for historians, show me how the you at the end of the course has grown and developed as an historian, compared to the you at the start of this course.

You can arrange this evidence in a variety of ways. I've stated in the syllabus you should use Omeka, but there are other options that I am open to if you contact me first: You could do it in a single infographic (with URLs, perhaps). You could do it as a powerpoint. Or a reveal.js presentation (examine the gh-pages branch of the course 'presentations' repository carefully). Or a website. Or a blog post. Or an essay. Essays can be public facing, hosted in your open notebook. Or elsewhere. Wherever you choose to do it, please email the location to me directly.

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