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[messages for room 40 -- rmElevatorMaze
[ "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards"
[ by Al Lowe
%message 1
"You are in the Casino's hotel.
Doors line each side, many with \"Do Not Disturb\" signs on their doorknobs."
%message 2
"There's a door with a heart on it to the west."
%message 3
"Not one for those long elevator rides, eh, Larry?"
%message 4
"You rap your knuckles on the door.
There is no response, but now your knuckles hurt."
%message 5
%message 6
"Fawn's delicate voice booms out across the hotel:\n\n
\"Just a minute, Larry!\""
%message 7
"\"strangers in the night, da da da dee da...\""
%message 8
"There's a click as she unlocks the door, then a piercing
\"Come on in. The door's open.\""
%message 9
"You can't. This door is locked."
%message 10
"Subtly, you shout, \"Here I come, baby!\""
%message 11
"It's a door not unlike all the others, except this one has a cute,
trite, cracked, little, plastic heart stuck to it with a thumbtack."
%message 12
"It's a door just like all the others."
%message 13
%message 14
%message 15
%message 16
"They almost look real, don't they?"
%message 17
"You seem surprised that the door is locked."
%message 18
"You close the door behind you, and jiggle the knob to confirm it is locked."
%message 19
"Type a word, like \"one\" or \"two.\""
%message 20
"There are buttons labeled \"one\" through \"eight.\""
%message 21
"You can't. There's no key in this game!"
%message 22
"Isn't it funny how the elevator is always waiting for you?"
%message 23
"The cheap, plastic heart is not worth the bother."
%message 24
%message 25
"Fawn's sexy voice oozes through the door,
\"Oh, baby, it's you! You're back!!\""
%message 26
"There's a click as she unlocks the door.
\"Come on in, you wonderful hunk!\""
%message 27
"It's no good. The door resists all of your efforts."
%message 28
"You contemplate expec- toration, but remember that discretion is the better
part of valium."
%message 29
"...or helium,"
%message 30
"...or something."
%message 31
"Suicide is illegal here."
%message 32
"You rap your knuckles on the nearest door."
%message 33
"This must not be the right door, Larry."
%message 34
"\"Hey, Scott, the girls are here!!\""
%message 35
"\"It says 'Do NOT Disturb!' Can't you read?\""
%message 36
"You hear some extremely heavy breathing."
%message 37
"\"Go away! I gave at the office!\""
%message 38
"\"Oh, Russ, there's someone at the door!\"\n\n
\"They're gonna have to wait, Kim Baby!
It's too late for me to stop now!!\""
%message 39
"\"Baaaaah. Baaaaah!\"\n\n
Don't even ask, Larry!"
%message 40
"\"Oh, Bruce!\n
Oh, Howard!\n\n
Oh, Terri!\n
Oh, Carrie!\""
%message 41
"\"Ken! Get off me, Ken!!\""
%message 42
"\"Oh, gawd, Ed!! Get in the closet. It's my husband!!\""
%message 43
"\"Bobbit, is that you?\""
%message 44
"\"Not now; I've got wessonality!\""
%message 45
"\"Is that Room Service? I didn't order anchovies.\""
%message 46
"An eye appears at the peephole.
\"Hey, Mary! Isn't it a little early for Trick or Treaters?\""
%message 47
"\"Oh, gawd, Ed!! Get in the closet. It's my wife!!\""
%message 48
"Hmmm. Is that the smell of burning rubber?"
%message 49
"\"Oh, Jeff. You really know how to hurt a guy!\""
%message 50
"\"Get away from him, you big bully! He's mine.\""
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