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[messages for room 6 -- rmAgeTest
[ "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards"
[ by Al Lowe
%message 1
"Warning:\n\n\"Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards\"
contains some elements of plot which may not be
considered appropriate for some children."
%message 2
"How old are you? "
%message 3
"To verify you are really %v209,
please answer five simple questions."
%message 4
This game can only be played by adults, or with an adult.\n\n
Please find an adult, come back, and try again."
%message 5
"Oops. You blew that one!\n\n
If you miss another, you can't possibly be %v209."
%message 6
"You're a kid!!\n\n
Shame on you for trying to deceive a friendly game like this!\n\n
Please play again when you're older."
%message 7
"Please answer a, b, c, or d: "
%message 8
%message 9
"So far, so good.\n\n
Now for the final question."
%message 10
" Thank you.\n\n
And now, slip into your leisure suit and prepare to enter the
\"Land of the Lounge Lizards\" with \"Leisure Suit Larry!\""
%message 11
" Warning!\n\n
This game may be hazardous to those with heart conditions!"
%message 12
"No, you're not!"
%message 13
"Question #%v208. Correct answer is %v211."
%message 14
%message 15
%message 16
%message 17
%message 18
"%v62 cycles in %v63 seconds"
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