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0.2.3 (February 20th, 2009)
* fixing nifty_authentication to work with Rails 2.3 application_controller.rb
* fixing password field in HAML signup page in nifty_authentication
0.2.2 (November 11th, 2008)
* fixing sessions_path reference in nifty_authentication
* adding more validations to user model in nifty_authentication
* cleaning up nifty_layout stylesheet
0.2.1 (November 10th, 2008)
* adding missing nifty_authentication files
0.2.0 (November 4th, 2008)
* adding nifty_authentication
0.1.8 (October 3rd, 2008)
* compatibility with RubyGems 1.3
* using f.error_messages instead of error_messages_for (thanks Zach Langley)
0.1.7 (August 15th, 2008)
* fixing shoulda tests
0.1.6 (August 7th, 2008)
* adding option to specify Shoulda as testing framework in nifty_scaffold generator
* adding options to manually specify rspec or testunit framework in nifty_scaffold generator
0.1.5 (August 7th, 2008)
* adding option to nifty layout to generate HAML views and SASS stylesheets
* adding option to nifty scaffold to generate HAML views
0.1.4 (July 21st, 2008)
* using same logic as model spec in model test for scaffold
* simplifying model spec generated by scaffold
* adding error_messages_for to form partial
0.1.3 (June 20th, 2008)
* using _url in controllers instead of _path
* improving the nifty_config default example YAML file
0.1.2 (May 16th, 2008)
* mentioning nifty_layout in nifty_scaffold generator
* adding nifty_config generator
0.1.1 (May 9th, 2008)
* adding tests and specs to scaffold generator
0.1.0 (May 8th, 2008)
* initial release
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