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This is some regular text.
Here is some text with stuff that requires special handling: ( ) [ ] { } /\ ~
What if I put in some internal markup? ~T ~K2K
This is code and preformatted text. /* comment*/ <b>Not bold</b>
Here is an `inline code block` created with backticks.
This text uses a line
Some text in *italics* and some _more text in italics._
Some **bold** text and __some more.__
Both ***bold and italic*** and ___again___.
Here is a standard hyperlink <a href="">Stack Overflow</a>
Inline link to [Google](
Reference-style link to [Google][1]
Here's a more readable reference link to [Google][google]
Here's an inline [link]( "Google") with a tooltip in quotes.
A reference [link][parens] in parentheses.
A reference [link][quotes] in quotes.
Automatically converted link:
A link that is forced: <>
Level 1 Header can use any number of equal signs
Level 2 Header can use any number of dashes
# You can also use #
## Hash marks to create header levels
### The closing hash marks are optional ###
Horizontal rules use 3 or more hyphens, asterisks or underscores
breaking up the line markers also works
* * *
A bulleted list:
- Use a dash
+ Or a plus sign
* Or an asterisk
A numbered list:
1. Numbered lists are easy
2. The numbers are automatically tracked
7. So this will be number 3
Double-spaced list:
- You can make a spaced-out list wrapped in `<p>` tags
- By putting a space in between the lines
Nested Lists:
1. Lists in a list item:
- Indent four spaces
* Per list level
2. You can do multiple paragraphs if you skip a line.
And indent four spaces.
Three works, too but that can be confusing.
3. To put blockquotes in a list item
> Skip a line and indent the starting '>' four spaces.
4. To put preformatted code in a list item
Skip a line and indent <b>eight</b> spaces.
Simple Blockquotes
>Just add > to the start of the line.
>And you'll get a blockquote.
Blockquote paragraphs
> Putting a >
> on blank lines is optional
> it all looks the same to the markdown editor.
Blockquote nesting
>You can nest
>>blockquotes to any
>>>level you want
Lists in blockquotes
> - A list in a blockquote
> - Have to have a > and a space before the bullet marker
> * And you can do nested lists.
Code and quotes
> Just indent the text four spaces after the >
Inline image: ![Alt text goes here](
Reference image with tooltip: ![valid XHTML][checkmark]
You can't do this ![checkmark]
but you can do this ![checkmark][] where the ref name will be the alt text.
Regular image links also work, including scaling:
<img src="" width="100" height="25">
[parens]: (Click to go to Google)
[quotes]: "Click for Google"
[checkmark]: "Image tooltip"