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  • New! Compatability to Moodle 3.4+
  • New! Ideone is converted to Sphere Engine.
  • New! Syntax Highlighter is now back since Online Judge 1.9.
  • New! Student statistics is back to work again.
  • New! Sandbox compilation parameters are passed through the user interface.

  • Support multi-files assignment. (sandbox only)
  • Global settings.
  • Rejudge one submission only.
  • Backup & Restore. And import from another course.
  • Support both Linux and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Locally run C/C++ code in sophisticated sandbox environment to prevent attacks (e.g. rebooting system, accessing files/network, consuming/occupying system resources). (Linux only)
  • Remotely run C/C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP, schema and other 40+ languages in http://ideone.com. It is safe and free. See http://ideone.com/faq for a full list of supported languages.
  • Different results (e.g. Accept, Wrong Answer, Presentation Error, Compilation Error, Time/Memory/Output Limit Exceed) get a different grade.
  • Support multiple test cases.
  • Grade test cases separately. E.g., there are four cases and a max grade of each is 25. The student pass three of them can get 25+25+25 = 75.
  • Customized feedback/hint can be shown to who doesn't pass the test.
  • Compile-only mode.
  • Teachers can trigger rejudge of any submissions and grade manually anytime.
  • Support resubmits many times and one time submit.
  • More details (program output and etc.) can be shown to teachers.
  • Easy installation, no root required.
  • Translation: English, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese
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