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import uuid
import time
import requests
from decimal import *
class Client(object):
def __init__(self, url, public_key, secret):
self.url = url + "/api/2"
self.session = requests.session()
self.session.auth = (public_key, secret)
def get_symbol(self, symbol_code):
"""Get symbol."""
return self.session.get("%s/public/symbol/%s" % (self.url, symbol_code)).json()
def get_orderbook(self, symbol_code):
"""Get orderbook. """
return self.session.get("%s/public/orderbook/%s" % (self.url, symbol_code)).json()
def get_address(self, currency_code):
"""Get address for deposit."""
return self.session.get("%s/account/crypto/address/%s" % (self.url, currency_code)).json()
def get_account_balance(self):
"""Get main balance."""
return self.session.get("%s/account/balance" % self.url).json()
def get_trading_balance(self):
"""Get trading balance."""
return self.session.get("%s/trading/balance" % self.url).json()
def transfer(self, currency_code, amount, to_exchange):
return"%s/account/transfer" % self.url, data={
'currency': currency_code, 'amount': amount,
'type': 'bankToExchange' if to_exchange else 'exchangeToBank'
def new_order(self, client_order_id, symbol_code, side, quantity, price=None):
"""Place an order."""
data = {'symbol': symbol_code, 'side': side, 'quantity': quantity}
if price is not None:
data['price'] = price
return self.session.put("%s/order/%s" % (self.url, client_order_id), data=data).json()
def get_order(self, client_order_id, wait=None):
"""Get order info."""
data = {'wait': wait} if wait is not None else {}
return self.session.get("%s/order/%s" % (self.url, client_order_id), params=data).json()
def cancel_order(self, client_order_id):
"""Cancel order."""
return self.session.delete("%s/order/%s" % (self.url, client_order_id)).json()
def withdraw(self, currency_code, amount, address, network_fee=None):
data = {'currency': currency_code, 'amount': amount, 'address': address}
if network_fee is not None:
data['networkfee'] = network_fee
return"%s/account/crypto/withdraw" % self.url, data=data).json()
def get_transaction(self, transaction_id):
"""Get transaction info."""
return self.session.get("%s/account/transactions/%s" % (self.url, transaction_id)).json()
if __name__ == "__main__":
public_key = "ff20f250a7b3a414781d1abe11cd8cee"
secret = "fb453577d11294359058a9ae13c94713"
btc_address = "1ANJ18KJiL55adwzvNhRimnQcShR4iMvCe"
client = Client("", public_key, secret)
eth_btc = client.get_symbol('ETHBTC')
address = client.get_address('ETH') # get eth address for deposit
print('ETH deposit address: "%s"' % address)
# transfer all deposited eths from account to trading balance
balances = client.get_account_balance()
for balance in balances:
if balance['currency'] == 'ETH' and float(balance['available']) > float(eth_btc['quantityIncrement']):
client.transfer('ETH', balance['available'], True)
print('ETH Account balance: %s'% balance['available'])
time.sleep(1) # wait till transfer completed
# get eth trading balance
eth_balance = 0.0
balances = client.get_trading_balance()
for balance in balances:
if balance['currency'] == 'ETH':
eth_balance = float(balance['available'])
print('Current ETH balance: %s' % eth_balance)
# sell eth at the best price
if eth_balance >= float(eth_btc['quantityIncrement']):
client_order_id = uuid.uuid4().hex
orderbook = client.get_orderbook('ETHBTC')
# set price a little high
best_price = Decimal(orderbook['bid'][0]['price']) + Decimal(eth_btc['tickSize'])
print("Selling at %s" % best_price)
order = client.new_order(client_order_id, 'ETHBTC', 'sell', eth_balance, best_price)
if 'error' not in order:
if order['status'] == 'filled':
print("Order filled", order)
elif order['status'] == 'new' or order['status'] == 'partiallyFilled':
print("Waiting order...")
for k in range(0, 3):
order = client.get_order(client_order_id, 20000)
if 'error' in order or ('status' in order and order['status'] == 'filled'):
# cancel order if it isn't filled
if 'status' in order and order['status'] != 'filled':
cancel = client.cancel_order(client_order_id)
print('Cancel order result', cancel)
# transfer all available BTC after trading to account balance
balances = client.get_trading_balance()
for balance in balances:
if balance['currency'] == 'BTC':
transfer = client.transfer('BTC', balance['available'], False)
print('Transfer', transfer)
# get account balance and withdraw BTC
balances = client.get_account_balance()
for balance in balances:
if balance['currency'] == 'BTC' and float(balance['available']) > 0.101:
payout = client.withdraw('BTC', '0.1', btc_address, '0.0005')
if 'error' not in payout:
transaction_id = payout['id']
print("Transaction ID: %s" % transaction_id)
for k in range(0, 5):
transaction = client.get_transaction(transaction_id)
print("Payout info", transaction)
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