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The information below is now being moved to the Prime.Finance project.

Prime is now running in alpha with the first prototype tests having happened in 2017. The first transfer of compiled software without the use of servers, via our catalogue and package management system was from Malta to the Ukraine :) on 5th of OCT 2018.

We are currently using the IPFS Merkle DAG, but will support all types of DAG, and projects as they become available.



Project status: PRE-ALPHA - not production ready.

Open source decentralised (ODC) crypto asset trading application, browser, exchange connector, data visualizer, coin + exchange catalogue and ODC communication system.

..or more simply "a crypto browser."

The gold rush.

As our community enters the serious and established real-world industry of asset trading we see the emergence of many new coins, exchanges and instruments around us. Classical traders use applications such as "Bloomberg" to keep up to date with the markets and their trading colleagues. You'll find one of these apps on nearly every desk in the industry. Beyond that they have multiple tools and methods to place trades on the markets they use.

None of these tools would be appropriate in our community, they are centralised, high cost and relatively antiquated.

What does Prime solve?

Note: Prime lives on your machine, is ODC, requires no connection with the core developers or anyone else. 
It is yours, and under your sole control.
Your keys NEVER leave your machine.

Proposed Features

Trading on any exchange.

  • .NetCore/NodeJs Win/Lin/Mac/BSD
  • Connects to all exchanges that support APIs, translating their APIs to a common protocol. Manages new account authorisation establishing the highest-grade of security each exchange offers.
  • Trade easily on single, or simultaneously on multiple, exchanges.
  • Manages wallets on exchanges for easy arbitrage opportunities or for spreading assets equally among a number of exchanges.
  • Move assets quickly between exchanges manually or automatically or via preset patterns or plugins designed for particular strategies.
  • Features such as stop sell and immediate exchange to any currency (USDT etc).
  • Consistent trade experience, learn ONE UI, change settings, options, defaults to suit your needs.
  • Add new exchanges quickly and without hassle.
  • future: Stores (ODC & encrypted) all personal documents for uploading to various exchanges for purposes of classical validation. Depends on exchange cooperation.
  • Exposes a LOCAL api to allow third party apps to access market data / trading systems under strict token access control.

Market Catalogue

  • Convenient community curated lists (ODC) of all exchanges / services / coins / instruments available.
  • List of all exchanges by location, ownership, volume, reputation. Pick an exchange, one-click establish account (as exchanges adopt this feature).
  • List of all currencies / coins etc by volume, growth, etc.
  • *future: ODC reviews: Community feedback -> Who has terrible support? Which exchange is sluggish? Can these people be trusted?


Convenient charting UI - a fast, up-to-second chart based data visualisation tool. Plugins cover indicators, emerging ideas and styles ad infinitum.

Market Data

  • Service layer constantly populating market data layer, additionally can be accessed by local api.
  • Data is continually managed and stored in decentralised location for quick 'catch-up' data dumps to your platform.
  • Live data as fast as the exchanges can serve it.

Squawk Box / Troll Box / ODC Instant Messaging

If you ask many traders what they use most in Bloomberg, it appears that the communication features are highly valued. Think TrollBox. However, we can do that better - with some basic reputation tools simple optional filtering of noise is possible.

It wouldn't be any good if it depended on a central point of storage, so it won't. This whole feature may well come later, but it's likely to be an integral part of the application going forward.

Trading Bots & the Plugin Store.

  • Community made trading bots and helpers as isolated / sandboxed plugins. Each granted access via a token that is either auto-generated, or manually determined.
  • Community curated lists of trading plugins - bots / charting styles / satellite apps and services etc.
  • Convenient reviews of plugins, with reputation indicators, discussion and information.
  • Built-in optional but robust donation model:
  • Prominent, and established during setup, is the option to micro-pay a small amount weekly to the community. Something small, harmless to the individual but powerful to the community as a whole.
  • Traders can focus those donations on plugins or services they wish to reward or spread it evenly (default) through the ecosystem.
  • Donations only taken if trading capital is present and reasonable.
  • Donations as fixed or as fraction of a percent of profit. Either way, the trader decides what he or she wishes to contribute back.


All layers / aspects and core elements of the application must adhere to these proposed principles:

  • Open source. Free, forever.
  • Simple to use, accessible to more than just the technically minded of us.
  • Absolutely no data lock in or walled gardens (beyond what the community curate)
  • No central web dependency, service, or point of failure.
  • All decentralised, no WEB, no DNS if possible (exceptions for plugins calling apis)
  • All local app db / asset storage decentralised, all encrypted.
  • All parts configurable via providers for storage layers, encryption layers et al.
  • Multi-platform (starting with WIN) then LIN/OSX/mobile (limited by app store regulations) to follow.
  • Default (but optional) donation model, providing continual revenue streams for core developers, plugin developers. Leveraging the now accessible idea of micropayments through the various crypto assets. Eg: Pay BTC 0.xxxx a month to your community, or nothing.
  • Resilient, regardless of the state of the world - as long as the internet is online, this app should be able to operate. Until exchanges decentralise, they will remain the weakest link. Regardless, not having the additional web ui overhead may alleviate their problems considerably. API requests are less taxing than entire page-based payloads.
  • No central authority or dependency.


Stage 1

  • Core components: Decentralised local storage etc.
  • Exchange connectors.
  • Working with exchanges to provide features that are required.
  • Trading fundamental elements. Buy / Sell / Market / Limit / Stop-Sell
  • Charting fundamentals.
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