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Hit List 🚀

Your personal online commands manager

Note: HitList will now save and sync hits locally and with the cloud.


NodeJS >= 14.0.0

Node Package Manager (NPM) >= 6.0.0

An Internet Connection


To install Hit List, run the following command in your terminal

npm i -g hitlist-cli


Account & Authentication

This section contains everything related to your Hit List account, to reset your password, you would have to do that on the website at

Create a new Hit List account

Create a new Hit List account from the terminal, you can also do this on the website at

hit join

Login to your account

Login to your Hit List. You need to be logged in to use Hit List

hit login

View Current User

View who is currently logged in

hit me

Sign out of Hit List CLI

Logout of your Hit List account

hit logout


This section contains everything related to Hit Lists 🔫

Create a new Hit List

Add a new list to your collection, or pool (get the reference?)

hit create [LIST NAME]


hit c [LIST NAME]

You would have to enter the:

  • Hits separated by commas (eg. mkdir test-folder, cd test-folder)
  • Description of the list (eg. This is my test list)
  • Visibility of the list

View all lists

This will show all lists you own, it will attempt to fetch it locally first by default.

hit list


hit ls

Execute a personal list

This will automatically execute a list you OWN locally first and then try to execute it online.

hit run [LIST NAME]


hit r [LIST NAME]

Execute a public list

This will automatically execute a PUBLIC list from a user's pool (collection of lists)

hit run -p [USERNAME] [LIST NAME]

Delete a list

This will delete a list you OWN locally and online

hit delete [LIST NAME]

New: Sync with HitList Cloud

This will download and save all lists from the cloud to make them available offline.

hit sync


Other things included for you - these will be updated over time

Clear Terminal

This will clear ALL the terminal/console output

hit clean


hit c

Push to a set GIT repository

This will push to a pre-configured GIT repository





hit help [COMMAND]

You can also run the command below to open the online docs

hit doc

If you need to report a bug, request a feature or request for help, contact or reach out to me on Twitter

Version 3 will come with a lot of new features both for the CLI and web, stay tuned!