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My TV Tracker

This is an Android app to help you keep track of the TV shows you are watching. The app will let you add and remove shows from you "Watch List". You will be reminded of upcoming episodes on your Watch List. You can also search for TV shows and find out more infomation about them, including a description, the time it airs and information about the seasons and episodes.

Features Summary

Here is a brief list of the feature requirements:

  • Search for a TV show
  • List TV shows that the user is tracking, in a ‘watch list’
  • Notify the user when a new episode is about to begin, or a new season is starting (this feature will be implemented in the future)
  • View information about a TV show and their episodes

More features will be added in the future.

Project Setup

You will need a 'secret.xml' file in 'res/values' that will contain a string resource called 'trakt_client_id'. The value of this can be obtained from the 'Your API Apps' page. This is the "Client ID".

Branch Set up

The 'master' branch contains the latest development edition.

When the app is released, the 'production' branch will contain the latest version added to the Play Store.


This project is updated to be imported into Android Studio. DO NOT import the project into Eclipse.


  • Certain parts of the code were used from online tutorials, those classes have a license statement as a comment in them.


Android app to help keep track of TV shows that you watch.



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