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Sample server code to work with the Kin Unity SDK client
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Kin Unity SDK tutorial-server

This is a simple server side implementation of Kin's python SDK. It can work as a standalone implementation, or together with the client side wrapper provided in the Kin Unity SDK tutorial.

With this code, you can call Kin's blockchain to:

  1. Fund newly created accounts
  2. Send payments
  3. Whitelist transactions for the client

You can also extend it to suit your needs.

sample python code


  1. Clone to your localhost directory
  2. Use pip to install dependencies in requirements.txt
  3. Modify the following variables in
    kin_env = TEST_ENVIRONMENT
    unique_app_id = '1acd' #your app id assigned by Kin - you can use 1acd for testing
    seed = os.environ['PRIVATE_KEY'] #private key (keep private/ store in .env file for production)
    public_address = 'GCMVZ4B6P4QEZL727UH2A6ABA2AYY67GZC3NILDD2DVSZPRN4QQCRATG' #public key

You can use Kin's Laboratory to generate your seed and public address.

  1. Push to your server (Heroku recommended)


Simply call the server with GET/POST to perform the following functions:

  1. Fund a new account

    GET: fund = 1

    POST: address, memo, amount

  2. Send a payment to an account

    GET: request = 1

    POST: address, id, memo, amount

  3. Whitelist a transaction for the client

    GET: whitelist = 1

    POST: address, id, memo, amount


  1. address: The blockchain address you wish to make a payment to
  2. memo: Memo to add to your transaction
  3. amount: Amount to send for your transaction
  4. id: A unique id for your client (optional)


Please read for details.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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