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Godot 3 2D Destructible Objects

A script that takes a sprite, divides it into blocks and makes them explode πŸ’₯!



Right now, the sprites must be squares or rectangles for this script to work properly.


Each destructible object must follow this structure and must be its own Scene file.

β”œβ”€β”€ Sprite
└── CollisionShape2D
    └── RectangleShape2D


  • Create a Node2D that will contain all the destructibles objects (e.g. destructible_objects).
  • Add a Node2D as a child node of the prior Node2D (e.g. destructible_object_01).
  • Instance the destructible_object scene file.
  • Attach to the destructible object as a Script.


The reason for organizing it this way is because then you can add particles (Partcicles2D or CPUParticles2D), fake particles (like the ones provided with this project), hitboxes (Area2D) or whatever you feel like to the Node2D (e.g. destructible_object_01) holding the main RigidBody2D and you can then use this script to control those nodes.

Of course, you can recreate that tree in GDSscript, with something like this:

var node = = "destructible_container"
get_parent().add_child(node, true)

var rigid_body = = "destructible_object"

var sprite =
# Set the sprite's texture, size, etc.
sprite.texture = preload("res://path/to/texture.png")

var collision =
collision.shape =
collision.shape.extents = Vector2(..., ...)

rigid_body.add_child(sprite, true)
rigid_body.add_child(collision, true)

var script = preload("res://path/to/")

# Here you can set the 'rigid_body' variables from the script.
rigid_body.blocks_per_side = ...
rigid_body.blocks_impulse = ...

node.add_child(rigid_body, true)



Blocks Per Side

Name Type Description Default
blocks_per_side int The blocks per side. Minium 2. Maximum 10 (for performance reasons). 6

Example: 4 block per side makes a total of 16 blocks.

Blocks Impulse

Name Type Description Default
blocks_impulse float The force of the blocks when they explode. 600

Blocks Gravity Scale

Name Type Description Default
blocks_gravity_scale float The gravity of the blocks. 10

Debris max time

Name Type Description Default
debris_max_time float The seconds it will pass until the blocks become STATIC or, if remove_debris is set to true, they dissapear. 5

Remove debris

Name Type Description Default
remove_debris bool Controls whether the debris stays or disappears. If set to true, the debris will dissapear when debris_max_time is over. falseΒ 

Collision layers

Name Type Description Default
collision_layers int The collision layers of the blocks. 1

Sum all the values of the layers.

Example: Layer 1 value is 1. Layer 5 value is 16. So collision_layers would be 17.

Collision masks

Name Type Description Default
collision_masks int The collision masks of the blocks. 1

Sum all the values of the layers.

Example: Layer 1 value is 1. Layer 5 value is 16. So collision_layers would be 17.

Collision one way

Name Type Description Default
collision_one_way bool Set one_way_collision for the blocks. false

Explosion delay

Name Type Description Default
explosion_delay bool Adds a delay of before setting object.detonate to false. false

Sometimes object.detonate is set to false so quickly that the explosion never happens. If this happens, try setting explosion_delay to true.

Fake explosions group

Name Type Description Default
fake_explosions_group String Renames the group's name of the fake explosion particles. fake_explosion_particles

This project provides an extra script for creating fake explosion particles. That script uses a group name to be able to find the fake explosion particles more easily.

Randomize seed

Name Type Description Default
randomize_seed bool Randomize the seed. false

Debug mode

Name Type Description Default
debug_mode bool Prints some debug data. false





Thanks to:

  • Airvikar - For this Youtube video that is the code base for this script.
  • Securas - For all the great games and Twitch streams that give me lots of ideas, and particularly, the destructible objects one.
  • Scott Lembcke - For letting me know about Voronoi regions (which aren't currently available) and helping me with adding more depth to the explosion (random collisions and z-index).


MIT License.


A script that takes a sprite, divides it into blocks and makes them explode πŸ’₯!





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