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Refinable Functions Constructor for Aspect and Feature Modularity
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refinable.js is JavaScript library for object-oriented function refinement to implement cross-cutting and feature modularity by extension, mutation, and inheritance of function.

  • 📝  Function as Classes refinable.js frammes function as class to enable flexible modification of functions and method just like how we refine classes and objects

  • 📦  Refinable Functions refinable functions allows to implement cross-cutting and feature modularity using extension, mutation, and inheritance of function

  •   Safe, Manageable Refinements Typed refinable functions uses type systems for detect potential composition error everytime when changes are occured.

  • ⚡  Natively Supported for Web You can design and implement many modularity techniques without limits runtime environment or depends on special tooling and compilers. Perfect for developing web and constrained sensors devices.



npm install hiun/refinable

Note : Currently the library is experienmental and possibly unstable.

Prerequisite : Node.js 7.6 or higher (OR 6.5 or higher with --harmony flag for async await)

Simplist Example

API Server

var Behavior = require('self');
var DBQuery = new Behavior.add(inputScaffolding).add(authCheck);
var ReadDBQuery =;
var WriteDBQuery =;

var LoadArticle =;
var CreateArticle =;


//using traits
var publicApiTraits = {authCheck: null};
var publicLoadArticle =;

Refinable functions aspire motivation of many lasting modularity research like aspect-oriented programming and feature-oriented programming by attempting research’s theoretical benefits into pragmatic practices of rising script languages like JavaScript with dependency free implementation mechanism.

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