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Hive5 Wiki

All the sources of the Hive5 website/wiki (


The Makefile contains the following commands:

  • all (default): builds the website.
  • clean: removes the build output.
  • serve: serve the build output using Python 3's http.server module.
  • install: copies the build output to /var/www/htdocs/


  • url: set the base URL (e.g. url='http:\/\/'). Slashes must be escaped as this value is put into a sed expression. The default value is http:\/\/


make serve
make clean serve
make url='http:\/\/' clean all


  • GNU Make
  • cmark
  • Python 3 (optional, only used for make serve)

Adding new content!

A markdown document:

  1. Create a new markdown file in source/.
  2. The first line of this file is put into the <title> tags of the generated HTML document and is ignored by cmark.
  3. After the first line you can put the contents of the document.
  4. Add the filename in the md array in the Makefile.
  5. Optional: Add a link in the menu (source/_header.html) or another document.

{{url}} is replaced with the value set in the url option of the Makefile.

A file:

  1. Add the new file in source/.
  2. Add the filename in the files array in the Makefile.

_header.html and _footer.html

The contents of these two files are wrapped around the HTML that's generated from the markdown files.

The following strings are replaced with different string:

  • {{url}} is replaced with the value set in the url option of the Makefile.
  • {{random}} is replaced with a random number.
  • {{title}} is replaced with the title of the current document.


  • Changing _header.html or _footer.html doesn't trigger a rebuild. Use make clean all.