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Next release

Breaking changes

  • Removed the Hive.path getter
  • Removed Hive.openBoxFromBytes() (use the bytes parameter of Hive.openBox() instead)
  • LazyBox and Box now have a common parent class: BoxBase
  • Lazy boxes need to be opened using Hive.openLazyBox()
  • Open lazy boxes can be aquired using Hive.lazyBox()


  • Lazy boxes can now have a type argument LazyBox<SomeClass>
  • Added method to delete boxes without opening them Hive.deleteBoxFromDisk()
  • Added path parameter to open boxes in a custom path


  • HiveObjects have not been initialized correctly in lazy boxes
  • Fixed bug where uppercase box name resulted in uppercase file name


  • Changed type of encryptionKey from Uint8List to List<int>


Breaking changes

  • object.delete() now throws exception if object is not stored in a box


  • Fixed bug where would faild on subsequent calls



  • Fixed bug that it was not possible to open typed boxes (Box<E>)



  • Fixed bug that corrupted boxes were not detected


Breaking changes

  • Changed return type of addAll() from List<int> to Iterable<int>.
  • Removed the option to register TypeAdapters for a specific box. E.g. box.registerTypeAdapter().
  • getAt(), putAt(), deleteAt() and keyAt() no longer allow indices out of range.


  • Added HiveObject
  • Boxes have now an optional type parameter Box<E>
  • Support opening boxes from assets


  • Fixed bug which was caused by not awaiting write operations
  • Fixed bug where custom compaction strategy was not applied
  • Hive now locks box files while they are open to prevent concurrent access from multiple processes


  • Improved performance of putAll(), deleteAll(), add(), addAll()
  • Changed values parameter of addAll() from List to Iterable
  • Improved documentation
  • Preparation for queries


  • First stable release


  • Change keys parameter of deleteAll from List to Iterable
  • Fixed bug in BinaryWriter


  • Fixed Hive.init() bug in browser
  • Fixed a bug with large lists or strings
  • Improved box opening time in browser
  • Improved general write performance
  • Improved docs
  • Added integration tests


  • Added keyComparator parameter for custom key order
  • Added isEmpty and isNotEmpty getters to box
  • Added support for reading and writing subclasses
  • Removed length limitation for Lists, Maps and Strings
  • Greatly improved performance of storing Uint8Lists in browser
  • Removed CRC check in browser (not needed)
  • Improved documentation
  • TypeIds are now allowed in the range of 0-223
  • Fixed compaction
  • Fixed writing longer Strings
  • Breaking: Binary format changed


  • Document all public APIs
  • Fixed flutter_web error


  • Allow different versions of the path package


  • Added BigInt support
  • Added compactionStrategy parameter
  • Added automatic crash recovery
  • Added add() and addAll() for auto increment keys
  • Added getAt(), putAt() and deleteAt() for working with indices
  • Support for int (32 bit unsigned) keys
  • Non-lazy boxes now notify their listeners immediately about changes
  • Bugfixes
  • More tests
  • Breaking: Open boxes with openBox()
  • Breaking: Writing null is no longer equivalent to deleting a key
  • Breaking: Temporarily removed support for transactions. New API design needed. Will be coming back in a future version.
  • Breaking: Binary format changed
  • Breaking: API changes


  • Bugfix: Hive['yourBox'] didn't work with uppercase box names


  • Big step towards stable API
  • Support for transactions
  • Annotations for hive_generator
  • Bugfixes
  • Improved web support
  • Breaking: inMemory -> lazy
  • Breaking: Binary format changed


  • Support for dart2js
  • Improved performance
  • Added inMemory option
  • Breaking: Minor API changes
  • Breaking: Changed Endianness to little
  • Breaking: Removed Migrator


  • Downgrade to meta: ^1.1.6 to support flutter


  • First release
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