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A flexible beehive monitoring system based on affordable hardware, wireless telemetry and modern software. Open source, open hardware and a friendly community.

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  1. Arduino-compatible MCU code for sensor and telemetry nodes.

    C++ 21 15

  2. The BERadio specification and implementation for Arduino and Python. Transmit data in Bencode format over radio links, decode and publish to MQTT.

    Python 3 1

  3. Forked from daq-tools/kotori

    A data historian based on Twisted, InfluxDB, Grafana and more. Free, open, simple.

    Python 1

  4. Forked from jpmens/mqttwarn

    Subscribe to MQTT topics (with wildcards) and notifiy pluggable services


  5. Hiveeyes system documentation, platform setup and tutorials.

    PHP 2 1

  6. The Hiveeyes website

    HTML 1 1

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