Service Provider Interfaces for Custom Plugin Development for the HiveMQ MQTT Broker
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The enterprise MQTT broker HiveMQ offers this free and open source plugin SDK with service provider interfaces. This allows everyone to extend HiveMQ and add custom functionality via plugins.

With custom HiveMQ plugins, it’s easy to add functionality like writing messages to databases, integrate with other service buses, collect statistics, add fine-grained security and virtually anything you else you can imagine.

Plugin development for HiveMQ is as easy as writing a Java main method once you grasp the core concepts.

Using the SDK

A extensive HiveMQ plugin documentation is available on the official HiveMQ website. It covers the core concepts and shows how to set up your development environment.

You can also clone our example open source HiveMQ plugins at in our Github page.

Maven Repository

Since version 2.0.0, the hivemq-spi is available in Maven central, so no special configuration is needed.

Using the SDK

To use the SDK, add the following dependency to your Maven project:


Plugin Development Documentation

Please visit our website for the documentation how to develop plugins.

Example plugins

Many example plugins are available, most of them as open source. You can find an overview of officially supported plugins here:

You can find many example plugins by browsing here on Github.