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The soul (engine) of the tiberium system
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Tiberium Soul

The Tiberium Soul server is the "heart" of the tiberium system it's responsible for the forwarding of the various HTTP related request from the client to the proper tiberium instance.


  • Full Heroku compatibility (eg: Procfile)
  • Modular back-end usage with support for Digital Ocean (in the future EC2, Azure, etc.)
  • Support for add-ons using env variables of heroku (eg: MONGOHQ_URL)
  • Optimization of resources (minimizing user cost)
  • SSH key upload to Digital Ocean for provisioning of VM via API
  • Sandboxing of execution using LXC containers through Docker API
  • User managed proxy server (as opposed to the Heroku approach) with full SSL key support
  • Possible manual management of infrastructure by the user (at his own risk)
  • Direct support for GitHub repositories (deploy using specialized branch)
  • One click configuration through OAuth login (in both Digital Ocean and GitHub)
  • Infra-structure for selling our own (Hive Solutions) addons like a clone of Parse








  • Mock 1 - Design, Size
  • Dropbox - Design, Simplicity, Focus, Illustrations
  • Heroku - Design, Focus, Code Example


  • Fanti
  • Jetopia
  • Ventogo - Domain
  • URriver - Domain
  • Panode
  • Beroute - Domain
  • Routeship - Domain
  • Shipado - Domain, Winner


This series of sets assume that the target machine is running Ubuntu Linux 12.10.


Currently Tiberium Soul depends on:

  • git
  • python-setuptools
  • pip
  • virtualenv
  • tiberium
  • flask
  • linux

Optional/optimal dependencies include:

  • mongodb
  • redis
  • python-mongo
  • python-redis

Creation of the git user

In order to be able to run the deployment of the server using the "default" git user it must be created in the target machine.

$ adduser git
$ passwd git
$ usermod -d /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tiberium_soul-0.1.0-py2.7.egg/repos/ git

You can then verify the user information with.

$ finger git


In order to configure tiberium create an /etc/tiberium/config.json file with the contents of global/config.json.

An example configuration would be:

    "hostname" : "repo.hostname",
    "domain_suffix" : "hostname",
    "user" : "git",
    "group" : "git",
    "cert_path" : "/etc/tiberium/cerfile.cer",
    "key_path" : "/etc/tiberium/keyfile.key",
    "suns_dir" : "/var/tiberium/suns",
    "repos_dir" : "/var/tiberium/repos"


After correctly installing tiberium soul execute the following command to start the gateway and deployment infra-structures.


Types of servers

  • repository server -> repo.tiberium
  • admin server -> admin.tiberium
  • proxy server -> proxy.tiberium


Uploading to pypi

If the configuration file for pypi ( is correctly defined and you ha ve the correct permission for it you may upload it to the python package index.

$ python register sdist bdist_wheel upload
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