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Scheduled Transactions, with reminders #62

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I like to transfer funds to cold storage on a regular basis. (Some paper wallets for my children, in addition to a regular cold storage.) I'd like to have Hive know that I do it on a regular basis and remind me, and go ahead and prepare the transaction for me as well.


This should work with #63 as well.


Great idea. Let's do the same thing here that I suggested elsewhere. Do you feel like preparing some first-stab wireframes of the suggested flow?


After sending coins, a summary could appear in the dialog:


From there, the user could choose to schedule the same transaction to happen again:

schedule transaction

Later, a reminder can appear on a new main section with schedule transactions:

scheduled list

Editing, direct adding, removing could all be done from the new scheduled transaction main section.


Hey thanks for doing this!

Question about the "send" box. Do you think there are other options that a user might want to tick on/off at send time? Asking because I'm wondering if we shouldn't hide this behind an "Advanced Options" button and grow the box out a little.

Also, what about confirming the scheduled transaction? Personally I would see that as important -- as in, I'm glad that it's reminding me to send it, but on the other hand maybe I'm low on funds and I want to cancel it for some reason?


FYI, we posted over here looking for some additional feedback:

User 16rjg4 said:

"I like the idea. I would suggest extending it beyond monthly, making the payment date a little more flexible. (For instance, if I get paid every other Friday, or the 1st and the 16th, I may want "automatic payments" on those dates.)
I'm not sure how you are implementing it. Maybe you are preparing the transaction in advance, and signing it right then, but only releasing it to the network at a later date. (This method wouldn't work so well for indefinitely recurring payments, and could get you in a situation where the bitcoins were already spent, but it seems safer for getting the user's approval, when you know the user has been authenticated.)
If you wait until x-date before you create the transaction and release it to the network, that has pros and cons. 1) The user must be running the app on that day. 2) you should authenticate the user.
Or perhaps you are creating a timed transaction and releasing it immediately in some way, taking advantage of some Bitcoin protocol feature. This seems like a bad thing to me - as it would lock the coins from either address accessing them.

In summary, I see the issues as:
1) Scheduling flexibility
2) User Authentication at the time of the transaction creation
3) Making sure the app is on, to send the transaction on the given day (or potentially missing the deadline - bad for routine utility bill payments!)
4) Avoiding double-spending the coins for which the transaction was created.


I could dig it being an advanced option rather than a thing after doing a transaction.

The idea I had was simply to have the app remind me and help construct the transaction, not that it pre-sign and delay execution of the transaction.

My goal is to ease the creation of common transactions, plus the reminder is nice.

Certainly I agree that the scheduling should be nice and flexible.

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