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This repository contains all the data, analyses, and stimuli reported in Volpert-Esmond, H. I., Merkle, E. C., & Bartholow, B.D. (2017). The iterative nature of person construal: Evidence from event-related potentials. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 12(7), 1097-1107. 

For P2 analyses, go to >Analyses with full sample > 1 ERP quant data. Code is in 2 P2analysis_meanAmp (TBT).R and data is in the folder "Individual files (avg mast)". For analyses specifically about changing P2 amplitude over the course of the task, continue into the folder "Changing effect over trial".

For analyses of reaction time, go to >Analyses with full sample > 2 Behavioral. Data for each task are in catdat.txt and evaldat.txt. Code for RT analyses are in 2 Cat_Rtanalysis.R and 2 Eval_Rtanalysis.R. Analyses for supplemental material are in 2b Eval_RT_Supplemental material.R

For PCA analyses, go to >Analyses with full sample > 3 PCA. Code and data are stored separately for each task, including output from Matlab.

Caution: The repo is fairly large and will take up about 2.2 GB of space.


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