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commit e89cf2017c99946bdab86a3ce288b2fa6aa7c98d 1 parent 21a12ad
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@@ -874,3 +874,11 @@ Now we get following LLVM IR named work/,
44 }
Where something goes wrong is line 29, I guess.
+ppc32-linux has completely unexpected assertion, maybe "call" is broken?
+ ppc32-linux > nvc: tree.c:372: tree_ident: Assertion `t != ((void *)0)' failed.
+ i686-cygwin > TRACE 0ms+0: _inst_name sig=:reduced_elab3(test):x
+This assertion is triggered by tree_ident() that called by fmt_sig() for TRACE()
+in _inst_name().
+Maybe, the given argument to _inst_name(), _sig is invalid b/c "call" is broken?

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This could be a bug in just the JIT part of LLVM. I've just added an experimental --native elaborate option which uses LLVM's native code generation (llc) rather than JIT. This breaks for many tests but should work for image.vhd:
./src/nvc -e --native image
produces a shared library under work/ which is then used by the runtime code rather than JITing. Might be worth trying here to see if it makes a difference?

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