Using XMPP to post content on blog/sms/facebook
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Author       - Harshad Joshi
Email        -
Twitter      - @hj91  
Date         - 10 June 2010 / 2 Jan 2011

- Wordpress blog with xml-rpc publishing enabled.
- XMPP chat server (openfire)
- Python 2.5 with xmpp and xml-rpc library.
- Gammu SMS library version 1.27.
- PyNotify to get updates on desktop (Linux only).

- Unicode enabled

This programs runs on a localhost xmpp server and logs all the messages sent to it on wordpress blog.
Its a sort of federated microblogging with a database backend. Useful for storming sessions. 

Check this example -

- Bot gets kicked off after being idle for 5 or 6 minutes on openfire server. Works well on gtalk server 
- Needs to send 'KeepALive' packet.
- After getting logged in, it posts 'None' as the first message. Need to remove it.
- Add some more scalability to the bot, ie instead of hardcoding the blog/user/passwd within the program, 
   should ask for it once and store it in the backend.
- Needs some mysql or postgresql backend to check for user registration..

Affiliated Project  

Files included in this repository