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A sandbox project to demonstrate wso2 API micro gateway 3.x features
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This sandbox project contains the required dependencies and code snippets for each scenario to demonstrate WSO2 API MicroGateway 3.x features. You may start to work on the “sandbox” directory and the final version of each scenario is in the “complete” directory.

1. Customer Service (Ballerina)

The sandbox project also contains the ballerina implementation of a customer API service for a online store metaphor and the customer API endpoints will be as follows.

Method API Context Description
GET /customer Get all customer data
GET /customer/{customer-id} Get customer data for a given customer id
POST /customer Add new customer

Locate into the customer_service directory of the sandbox project and execute the ballerina file customer_service.bal to start the customer service.

ballerina run customer_service.bal

Once the customer service is started in the port 8080 and you may test the customer API by curl command or you may use your favorite API testing tool ie: Postman.

1.1. Get all customer data

curl http://localhost:8080/customer

1.2.Get customer data by customer id

curl http://localhost:8080/customer/1

1.3.Add a new customer

curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/customer -d '{"id": "6", "name": "Harry James Potter"}'

2. API MicroGateway use-cases

2.1. Config based basic authentication

The completed source of the use-case will be available at completed/basic_auth_sample directory.

2.2. Request/Response validation

The completed source of the use-case will be available at completed/request_response_validation directory.

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