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Oldpub is a implementation of the Wordpress XML-RPC API written in Python 3 / Flask for using with static web site generators like for example Hugo. It should also work with Jekyll, but you might need to modify some details if Jekyll don't use the same front matter keys.

The goal is to make a implementation that are complete enough to run it on a server. Most of the API's are not implemented yet. But you can use it to write new posts, edit existing posts and delete existing posts using MarsEdit. But I have not impølemented the "Media" methods yet.

You need to define the following ENVIORNMENT variables for it to work:

  • USER (username)
  • PASS (password)
  • CONTENT (the full path to where you store your "content")
  • STATIC (the full path to the static files folder on your hugo site)


I love static site generators, because of how fast and simple they are, but I also love blogging with MarsEdit. The long term goal is to provide a good backend for using jekyll or hugo together with MarsEdit.