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This is the code for Marry Fuck Kill, a web game.

Up-to-date version always available at the Official Location.


Prerequisites: node.js, ruby, sass. See "Installation Notes" below for brief instructions for installing these.

In order to build the dev server, you need to have the appengine python runtime installed, as well as npm. As a one-time set up (or if you pull and something seems weird), run npm install.

After that, run npm start to bring up the dev server on localhost:8080. Sass files and other preprocessed junk will get automatically updated by grunt under the covers.

If nothing is listening on port 8080, make sure running dev_appserver build/ works. (It may, for instance, print a prompt to STDOUT when it's newly installed.)


The build scripts create a 'build' directory to serve from, so that is the directory to update with Run update build.

Installation Notes

Here's how to get each of the prerequisites.

ruby: Use your system's ruby package. (apt-get install ruby on Debian/Ubuntu.)

node.js: Install from Don't rely on OS packages, they can get quite outdated.

sass: Since you already have ruby: gem install sass

This was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but hopefully it's generic.