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WIN32 CE APPLICATION : showWin Project Overview

Display a small window with some text inside

Single instance app

v 1.1: second release

 showWin -t "Text zum Anzeigen" -r 90 -g 80 -b 70 -s 8 -w 200 -h 50 -x 0 -y 0 -rt 200 -gt 20 -bt 20 -ti 10 -progr 30 -align left

-t "Text zum Anzeigen"text to show"Installing"255 chars, no " inside, no line breaks, no tabs
-r 90background color RED2550-255
-g 80background color GREEN2070-255
-b 70background color BLUE00-255
-s 8font size in points107-24 points
-w 200window width pixels460100-screenwidth
-h 50window height pixels40menu bar height (ie 26pixels)
-x 60window pos X120 + system window bordersize
-y 60window pos Y480 + system taskbar bar height. Using 0;0 does not work nice on WM, win may be below taskbar
-rt 200text color RED00-255
-gt 20text color GREEN00-255
-bt 20text color BLUE00-255
-align centertext alignmentleftcenter|left|right
-ti 10timeout to autoclose0no autoclose, min: 1 (second), max: 3600 = one hour
-progr 10show with progress val0no progressbar, max: 100 the progressbar is appended at bottom of textwindow
-killkill existing window, exit app
-m "new message text"replace text in windowsee -t
-prval 30new progress value