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Google Home to speak in Amazon Polly voice


I wanted to notify something through Google Home without requesting or scheduling by myself. Sometimes, notifications through chat apps, browsers or mobile devices are not efficient way because I need to open something, need to wait for arriving, or unlock devices. For example, when I wait for a long query to the big data platform, why I need to check the query status on the BI tool repeatedly? ideally, once the result has been returned, or the query is failed, just let me know in verbal contact!

What is this?

This application helps me (perhaps, you) to listen notifications from anywhere I (you) want through Google Home. The application consisted of three parts.

  1. An HTTP endpoint to receive a text message to be notified through Google Home
  2. A mechanism to generate voices by leveraging Amazon Polly (and broadcast the voice data through HTTP server)
  3. Finding a Google Home device and transmit a command Google Home to speak.

So, Google Home will speak but the voice is Amazon Polly. Don't call me a traitor.


  1. Of course, you need one of Google Home Family devices.
  2. An AWS credential with Amazon Polly permission is necessary to generate the voice data.
  3. This app needs to access Google Home via the local network, so you have to run this app on your machine or a small computer such as RaspberryPi.



  • Build a Docker image.
  • Run the image with environment variables.
docker build -t googlehome-polly-bridge .
docker run --net=host \
-e "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=zxcvbnm1234567789asdfghjkl" \
-e "AWS_REGION=ap-northeast-1" \
-e "POLLY_LANG=ja-JP" \
-e "POLLY_VOICE=Takumi" \
-e "POLLY_TYPE=text" \
-e "POLLY_SAMPLE_RATE=22050" \
-e "HTTP_PORT=8080" \
-e "HTTP_HOST=" \
-e "GOOGLE_HOME=Kitchen" \


  • Specify environment variables (or create .env file based on the template)
  • Then, run the following two commands.
yarn install
yarn start


For the detail of Amazon Polly related variables, see Amazon's Document for SynthesizeSpeech.

Environment Variables

All of these environment variables are required.

Variable Sample Note
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY zxcvbnm1234567789asdfghjkl AWS credential
AWS_REGION ap-northeast-1 AWS Region
POLLY_LANG en-GB Polly Language
POLLY_VOICE Brian Polly Voice
POLLY_TYPE text Polly supports a plain text & ssml
POLLY_SAMPLE_RATE 22050 Polly audio sampling rate
HTTP_PORT 8080 A port number of http server
HTTP_HOST An IP address of http server
GOOGLE_HOME Kitchen A name or an IP address of Google Home

GET parameters

You can specify settings for Polly and a target Google Home through GET parameter when you call the endpoint.

Variable Sample Note
lang ja-JP Polly Language
voice Takumi Polly Voice
type ssml Type of the input text
rate 16000 Sampling rate
target BedRoom A name or an IP address of Google Home


Just send a POST request with a text as a request body to the endpoint. You can call the same endpoint from any programming languages!

curl localhost:8080 -X POST -d 'If you can dream it, you can do it.'

or, you can overwrite settings by using GET parameter

curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/?lang=ja-JP\&voice=Takumi\&type=ssml -d '<speak>夢は、<break time="200ms"/><emphasis>叶う</emphasis></speak>'

Use case

  • I'm running Slack bot and notify some message from the CI/CD tool through Google Home.
  • A web scraper tell me an update on the specific web site through Google Home.


Make your Google Home proactive with Amazon Polly!







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